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It's Not About Getting Fixed , It's About Getting Well

Addiction Treatment Program In Knoxville TN For Men 26+ Years Old

Our Men’s Program is designed for men older than 26 who’ve never been to treatment before, we call them Newcomers. We will get to know you through a series of conversations and assessments that will provide us the information we’ll need to begin building an effective treatment plan specific to your needs that will continue to develop and refine throughout your treatment. We use a variety of therapies and activities which allows us to provide a treatment experience that fits your specific needs. We often incorporate psychiatry to rule out, or confirm, the need for medication to treat co-occurring disorders. In the Newcomers program, we incorporate education and training about the disease concept of addiction, mindfulness, trauma, 12 step philosophy, and lifetraps to help create a common language and deeper understanding.

During your first couple of weeks in treatment we focus on you, then we incorporate any family members you decide to include. Near the end of your residential program, we will work together to assess your progress and help you plan for the next phase of your recovery process to ensure that you are set up for success in your recovery journey.

We offer specialty treatment tracks and types of therapy which allows us to be precisely prescriptive in terms of scheduling, counseling styles, educational topics, and therapeutic approaches that we believe will best fit for you.

What The Men's Newcomers Program Is Like

Throughout the course of a typical 28- to 35-day stay, you’ll be assigned an individual treatment plan by a team of counselors and other professionals who assess your needs based on your background, your drug and alcohol use and your living situation. We combine traditional 12 Step models of recovery with clinically proven scientific methods in a number of different settings, from psychological and physical testing/assessments to group therapy with your peers to family therapy to daily 12 Step meetings to education programs and leisure/fitness activities, all designed to address your physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs. We’re a program that’s accredited by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, and we also adhere to the principles of 12 Step recovery, meaning that we maintain your integrity and your personal beliefs, whatever those might be, while helping you to discover who you truly are. It’s our experience that addiction stunts emotional growth and mental development, and it often takes time for us, addicts and alcoholics, to figure out who we really are and the type of person we want to become. Through the Newcomer Program, you’ll be given that time and the guidance you’ll need to make those discoveries.

As a patient in the Newcomer Program, you’ll find that you aren’t alone and that your problems aren’t unique, no matter how isolated you might currently feel. You’ll learn that addiction is a disease – that you’re a sick person, not a bad person, and that treatment of the body, mind and spirit are necessary components of the process. You’ll receive therapeutic support from master’s level clinicians and therapists from both the academic field and the East Tennessee recovery community, many of whom were once Cornerstone patients themselves.

The Program Includes

Lasts 28-35 Days On Average

While a month seems like forever on the front end, it flies by and is a really short period of time to make such significant changes

Individualized Care

Treatment plans specifically tailored to the individual's needs. Every patient’s care plan is different and is regularly updated to maximize effectiveness.

Activity Therapy

Patients will participate in various activities that will help reintroduce problem solving and teamwork which helps re-establish trust and builds healthy relationships.

Medical Detox

Medically supervised and safe detox is included in each of our programs. Detox typically lasts 3-5 days. Time is dependent on the substance and severity of use.

Semi-Private Rooms

Each rooms has two beds, a private bathroom, a desk and chair, a lounge chair, and two armoires to store your belongings.


Fitness Therapy

Our full-size gym presents the perfect opportunity to begin the physical healing process. Exercise enhances the body’s ability to restore balance and health.

12 Step Programing

The 12 Step program informs and influences everything we do. We also incorporate the best behavioral health has to offer. We are a dual-diagnosis facility and treat so-occurring psychiatric disorders with psychiatry.

Family Therapy

Families need to work through the issues and damage that addiction causes in family relationships. Re-establishing trust and healthy relationships takes time, sharing openly and honestly, and intentional effort.

Recovery Coaching

18 months of Recovery Coaching is available for every patient at Cornerstone. Our Recovery Coaches are available for support and connection 40 hours a week. We offer continued counseling, coaching, support, and online Alumni meetings.

What People Are Saying About Us

Patty Wilbanks
Patty Wilbanks
2 months ago
Cornerstone of recovery saved my life. Actually gave me a life I never thought I would ever have. I went through treatment in August 2019 Detox, 30 day residential then sober living until May 2020. A lot of the staff are in recovery themselves and can relate no matter what stage of recovery you're in. I can't recommend them enough so much that I came back to work here and absolutely Love it. I have an opportunity to hopefully touch someone's life and pass along the hope Cornerstone gave me!
Steve Ochs
Steve Ochs
3 months ago
The counselors and treatment professionals are second to none at Cornerstone. There is no doubt that they truly care and want what’s best for the patients. If long term sobriety is your goal then Cornerstone is the destination you should seek.
Sam Carey
Sam Carey
3 months ago
Cornerstone of Recovery must be the most successful substance abuse rehab system in the region. It is the reason that I am sober, productive and happy today. I am forever grateful. Sam Carey
Joe Pell, Jr.
Joe Pell, Jr.
8 months ago
Cornerstone was my 1st and only experience with a treatment center. It was an incredibly difficult experience. It was also an experience that saved my life. I say this in earnest. The program I went through after 5 days of necessary detox was called the Newcomers program. For me it was one month of different therapies, classes, and activities. There are so many different staff members that are able to cover any topic/issue with professional knowledge and experience. Today, I am grateful to have been able to go through this rigorous and complete program. They have followed up with me occasionally since, reaching out to check in on how I am doing on this new journey. It has been a life changing experience for me. My prayers go out to the alcoholic and addict still suffering. If Cornerstone is an option for you, please go and begin healing. Joe P.

Rooms Designed With Comfort In Mind

Memory Foam Mattresses

Each Room Has Its Own Private Bathroom With Shower

Temperature Controls In Each Room

Personal Armoire For Storing Your Belongings 

Take A Virtual Tour

We put together this virtual tour of our campus so you and your family can have a better idea of what treatment at Cornerstone looks like. Hopefully, this video will be able to help you imagine yourself here with us. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible while here so, if you have more questions about our accommodations, be sure and ask your Care Coordinator when you call. Be sure and check out the other videos across our website that do a good job of demonstrating who we are and what we do. This video is here to show you our campus and help you feel more comfortable by seeing what your environment will be like while you are here.

Healing The Body Starts With What You Put In It.

Enjoy three freshly prepared meals a day including fruit, salad and soup bars. 

Special dietary needs are no problem as well. The team goes out of its way to meet any special dietary restrictions or needs.

In addition to meals in our dining hall, an on-campus store is always well stocked with snacks, beverages, sweets and other comforts. 


How long does the program last?

Typically our Inpatient Programs last between 28-35 days. This is considered pretty standard within the treatment industry. In cases where the patient does not feel confident in returning home right away, there are longer term treatment options. 

Option 1:

Would simply extend the patient's inpatient status for additional time until they felt they were ready to return to a normal life. 

Option 2:

The patient would enroll into our Sober Living Facility (SLF) and then attend our Intensive Outpatient Program. This would give them some responsibilites and allow for them to tip a toe back into regular daily routines. There would be several other patients living within the home who are doing the exact same thing, but who are typically at a different place in their recovery journey. 

What is medical detox like?

During your stay in Medical Detox, you’ll be assessed every four hours by nursing staff, who will monitor vital signs like your blood pressure, temperature and pulse oximetry; if warranted by our staff medical director, you may also be prescribed certain medications to make the process more comfortable, including:

  • For benzodiazepine and alcohol withdrawal, we prescribe Phenobarbital;
  • For opiate withdrawal, we tend to use Subutex, Robaxin and/or Clonidine;
  • For cocaine, we utilize Bromocriptine.

While in Medical Detox, you’ll also be provided with three delicious and nourishing meals a day and be given an opportunity to attend an orientation group, an evening wrap-up meeting and other therapeutic sessions to ease you into the routine of community-oriented treatment.

Ultimately, however, you’re given ample opportunity to relax, recharge and allow your body and mind time to heal themselves before you’re integrated into a treatment community of peers. A typical detox stay is three to five days, but depending on the severity of a patient’s symptoms, it may require more time. Our goal is to provide you with that time while keeping tabs on your physical well-being and ensuring that your stay is as comfortable and safe as possible.

How much is treatment going to cost me?

That depends entirely on your situation. Unfortunately, there really isn't a cookie cutter response that covers each patients unique scenario. We have done our best to answer as much information about insurance options, private pay and out of pocket expeses on the page linked below. 


How much does treatment cost?

What kind of therapy do you provide?

The goal of Cornerstone of Recovery’s treatment model is to help individuals who are suffering from substance abuse and related problems find healing and, ultimately, ongoing recovery. This is accomplished through a process of assessment and treatment planning that attempts to determine the nature and extent of the substance use disorder as well as any co-occurring disorders that significantly impact the person and interfere with his or her ability to accomplish life goals. We believe in the value of the individual and strive to support each person on his or her unique journey toward health and life satisfaction.

A number of modalities, techniques and approaches are used to accomplish these goals. Foremost among these is our belief in developing a therapeutic community in which the individual can safely identify and work through the issues and problems that have brought them into treatment. 

Some examples of the therapies are listed below and you can learn more about each of them by clicking them. 

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Cognitive Processing Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Activity Therapy

Schema Therapy

Trauma Therapy



Can I smoke while I am there?

Cornerstone of Recovery permits the use of tobacco in designated areas outside of the building; you must bring your own cigarettes/snuff for the duration of your stay.

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What Else Do I Get To Do In Treatment?

In Activity Therapy, you’ll participate in team based activities

Full size gym with cardio machines and free weights

Indoor/outdoor basketball court and a sand volleyball court

Outdoor ropes course

Wooded and waterfront walking trails

Recreation rooms with tvs and kitchenettes 

Weekend fun and excursions such as; bowling , going to a movie or sporting event, and hiking in the mountains are just a few examples. (Post COVID)

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Alcoholism Treatment Knoxville TN Tricare
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Cornerstone Is In-Network With Most Health Insurance Companies

Call And Speak With One of Our Admissions Staff To Check Your Benefits or If You Don't See Your Insurance Listed

We also offer private pay options.

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal
Crescent Health Solutions

Empire Blue Cross
Health Alliance
HealthSmart: Benefit Solutions
Horizon Healthcare
Magellan Behavioral Health

Meritain Health
ValueOptions/Beacon Health Options

We accept Tenncare insurance plans at Stepping Stone to Recovery, our sister TennCare alcohol and drug rehab program .

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