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Alcohol & Drug Rehab Program for Professionals

The Professionals Program is designed for individuals who have a license that is monitored by a state board or agency. Primarily, these patients are nurses, pharmacists, doctors, attorneys, dentists, and other professionals who have safety sensitive positions.Acknowledgment of chemical dependency can be extraordinarily difficult for all of us, especially professionals who have a license or credential at stake.

The Professionals Program at Cornerstone is managed by Dr. Janet Hicks who is a pharmacist by training. Dr. Hicks’ personal experience with addiction, her knowledge of the treatment process, and her passion for helping others makes her the best advocate anyone could ask for.

With Cornerstone’s support, most professionals are able to return to the careers they built their lives around. The typical length of stay is 90 days but, stays can be shorter or longer depending on a patient’s individual situation.


With years of experience and a high success rate, Cornerstone of Recovery offers a fine-tuned, in-depth rehab & recovery program for joint-comission-drug-alcohol-rehab-fwprofessionals:

  • A 3-month treatment recovery program which includes residential, intensive outpatient, support living, therapeutic work or mirror image
  • Ongoing professionals’ therapy group
  • A 3-month family recovery program


Advocacy by Cornerstone staff with patient’s board of licensure and long-term recovery monitoring, if required by licensing board

Dr. Hicks’ maintains strong relationships with several state monitoring agencies and often advocates on behalf of professionals seeking to get back to work in their field of study after treatment.


If you are a potential candidate for the Professionals Program or would like more information about the program, please contact Dr. Janet Hicks.

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