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Before coming to Cornerstone I was in a dark, dark place. Cornerstone provided me with the tools and support I needed to discover who I truly am at my core. Today, I am sober, reasonably happy, and free from active addiction. I am grateful. 
Shepard B. 

The professionals program at Cornerstone showed me I'm not alone and addiction doesn't discriminate.  They helped me see truths I couldn't see, loved me when I couldn't love myself, and showed me a better way of life.  I am forever grateful! 

Pam W.

I found treatment at Cornerstone to be educational, life-changing, and the facility is first class.

Matt B. 

I hated how I got there, but what a blessing Cornerstone has been for me.


I enjoyed being able to go to Cornerstone. I was a little fearful when it was time for me to leave treatment, but the staff had me well prepared and the Recovery Monitoring staff who continue to call me is a nice touch.

 Tracy S. 

The staff at Cornerstone did a wonderful job and respected everyone.

Richard R. 

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Your Path To Recovery Starts Here

Cornerstone of Recovery, located in Eastern Tennessee, offers a remarkable recovery experience for those suffering from chemical dependency and addiction.Cornerstone is a place where substance abuse and mental health issues can be brought out into the open and worked through so that healing may take place. Our program is based on the Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual model of treatment and we address all of the issues and behaviors that bring a patient to treatment.

We pride ourselves on meeting our patients where they are, we develop individualized treatment plans, and we help patients achieve their goals. We propel our patients toward a life-long, successful recovery.

Cornerstone of Recovery provides medical detox services that allow our patients to safely withdrawal from their substances of abuse. The therapeutic components of our program include 12 step work, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Schema Therapy, Family Therapy, Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Activity Therapy, Fitness, Chronic Pain Management, Psychoeducational groups and lectures,  among others. Each patient will receive weekly individual and group therapy with a master’s level therapist along with several processing groups that offer counselor and peer support.


We hope you will take this opportunity to evaluate your situation and reach out for help if you need it.

We are here, ready to help you recover.

Patient Testimonials

When I lost my job, I looked at myself as a failure who couldn't hold on to anything important in life. I was broken, alone and embarrassed.  Cornerstone opened my eyes to a new way of life. Their inpatient and outpatient programs helped me learn from my mistakes, value myself, embrace my qualities and get involved with a 12 step program to continue learning and growing in sobriety. 

With the help of Cornerstone I no longer look at myself as a failure but as a person who has options and opportunities for their life.  

Kyle J

inpatient residential alcohol drug rehab
Alcohol Drug Rehab Knoxville TN

Thank you Cornerstone for providing me with the resources to get my life back in order. The counselors and therapists in the recovering professionals program are second to none. By allowing the professionals to convene in their own group, we were able to process through the difficult issues that we face in regards to our families and our careers.

Through the exceptional services provided to me at Cornerstone, the course of my life has been changed dramatically in the most positive way. Thank you again, for allowing me to be the husband and father that I was intended to be.

Jason M.

When common people hear the word Addict or Addiction there is instantly a negative stigma. What people do not know, as I did not, addiction is a disease and there is help for us. Cornerstone taught me about my disease and how to live in recovery. Cornerstone saved my life in every sense of the word. When I entered Cornerstone I was lost, hopeless, and tired. I had lost the ability to live life on lives terms.

During my stay, Cornerstone helped me rediscover myself and how to apply tools to my daily life. I also learned how to have fun and laugh again. I am eternally grateful for Cornerstone, and have now returned to a productive satisfying life, truly enjoying everyday as a Mom, Wife, Nurse, and friend. Thank you Cornerstone for caring about me when I did not care about myself all of you made the difference and saved my life.

Thank you for all you have done and are doing


Programs Tailored To The Individual

Because our patients come from all walks of life, an initial assessment will determine what program recommendations we make that will best suit the unique needs of each individual.  In addition to core treatment programs, we have developed tailored tracks to address specific needs of certain age groups and professions.  For example, we have become a top choice for many of the airline and railroad companies to send their employees when faced with addiction.  Our specialty programs include:  Young Adult, Aviation, Railroad and Professionals. 

A Staff That Understands

One of our most valuable tools in the drug addiction rehabilitation process is our staff.  Many of our staff members, both clinical and non-clinical, are recovering addicts/alcoholics. We have found that our patients gravitate to the recovering staff members because they “get it”. Because of this beautiful dynamic, we have chosen to invest heavily in educating and training our staff to ensure that we are able to deliver the right care, in the right way, at the right time. Armed with first-hand experience and professional training, our staff is our Cornerstone.

Alcohol & Drug Rehab & Recovery Treatment Plans

Cornerstone has developed alcohol and drug rehab & recovery programs to fit the needs of our patients. As with many things in life, there is not a one size fits all approach to treating the addiction disease. Through a proper assessment and evaluation period, Cornerstone of Recovery can make the best recommendation for each individual that will give them the best opportunity to achieve a lasting recovery.

Adult Residential

Clinically, the Adult Residential Alcohol & Drug Rehab Program is one that typically lasts between 28 and 35 days, during which time our trained counselors and other professionals develop individual treatment plans for each patient according to needs, backgrounds and situations. During that process, patients participate in a 12-Step recovery.

Relapse Recovery Program

Intensive residential inpatient program for those who have tried to stay clean in the past but been unsuccessful, even after exposure to residential treatment and 12-Step programs in the past. It’s designed to help patients target the triggers and issues that factor into their inability to stay clean, those factors that lead to a relapse

Young Adult Residential

Our Young Adult Residential rehab and recovery program is specifically structured for persons between the ages of 18 and 26. Understanding that this age group faces its own unique set of circumstances, our clinical staff focuses on developmental issues, behavior styles, and energy levels specific to the young adult.

Aviation Program

Our Aviation Professionals program was designed for patients suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction and other substance abuse problems that work within the Aviation Industry. We are the first choice for many companies within the industry when the need arises to send one of their employees out for treatment.

Professionals Recovery Program

Addiction crosses all cultural boundaries and discriminates against no one, even the working professional. Whether you are a CEO,  attorney, doctor , pharmacist, or possibly another State or Federally licensed professional our Professionals Rehab and Recovery program was designed for you.

Railroad Program

Our railroad workers rehab and recovery program is designed for patients suffering from alcoholism and drug or prescription medication addiction within the Railroad idustry. Our high success rate has led to Cornerstone becoming one of the most recommended treatment facilities within the industry.

Intensive Outpatient

Our Intensive Outpatient rehab and recovery program is for addicts who have recognized their problem before it spirals completely out of control. These patients may need help but have yet to reach a point where 24-hour residential treatment is required. Timing is critical to these type of patients and immediate treatment is often the only thing that can keep things from getting far worse. 

Medical Detox

Before the recovery process can begin, the hazy fog of drugs and alcohol must be lifted. To do that, patients often need to go through a detoxification process to cleanse their systems of alcohol and/or drugs.

Aftercare Program

Cornerstone's Aftercare program was developed with one thing in mind- lasting recovery. This program is included with any of our core rehab and recovery programs.  

You don't have to live in active addiction any longer!

Give us a call at 865-685-4086.

We are here to help!

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