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railroad workers drug alcohol rehab program

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Program for Railroad Employees 

Railroad Program History

Cornerstone of Recovery has been working with railroad employees since the early 1990's. Cornerstone's founder, Bill Hood, had worked as a plant manager for Alcoa Aluminum for decades and through his work, he built strong relationships with some of their business key partners, railroad companies in particular. More than 10 years after his retirement from Alcoa, Bill fell back on some of his key business relationships, when he founded Cornerstone. At that time, when Bill tried to earn business from the railroad companies, most of them told him that they already had good treatment providers all over the country, they were happy with the results they were getting, and that they wouldn't be able to send him any business. Bill's tenacious spirit wouldn't let go easily and he challenged one of the railroad EAPs to send their toughest and most difficult case to Cornerstone, someone who had been to treatment multiple times without long-term success. When the time was right, and one of those types of employees sought help again, he went to Cornerstone for treatment. The EAP wasn't sure what to expect after this employee completed treatment at Cornerstone but, what he saw was something he hadn’t seen in this particular railroad employee ever before, real recovery. This particular employee, who'd been to treatment multiple times at other facilities, experienced an total change in attitude and behavior after treatment at Cornerstone. After seeing this first-hand, that EAP chose to use Cornerstone for more and more of the tough cases he came across and eventually word spread to some of the other railroad EAPs about the quality of work that Cornerstone was doing for railroaders. So, those EAPs tried sending some of their more severe cases to Cornerstone for treatment and many of these railroad employees experienced long-term sobriety after treatment. After a decade of successfully working with railroad employees, Cornerstone's Railroad Program was officially established in 2000.

Industry Specifics

Working in the railroad industry has it’s unique set of challenges and unfortunately, the use of alcohol and drugs is one of the ways employees try to deal with their stress. When the use of substances is continued over time, it can lead to chemical dependency and addiction. Irregular work schedules, travel, and rural locations are just a few of the complicating factors that can make recovery for railroad men and women different from folks working in other industries.

Program Leadership

Cornerstone’s Railroad Program is managed by Roger Davis, a former railroad employee who got sober while working on the railroad. Roger understands the railroad culture and lifestyle which allows him to be of great help to the men and women he serves. Roger worked as a Brakeman and Conductor for 21 years prior to becoming a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Services Counselor with Norfolk Southern Railway. Roger worked as a Certified EAP and SAP for 10 years before retiring from the railroad. For over 15 years, Cornerstone of Recovery has been the premier treatment program and rehab center for railroad employees and their family members.

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For more information about the Railroad Program please contact Roger Davis directly @ (205) 492-3354