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It's Not Just Therapy , It's Community

Women Only Alcoholism Treatment & Drug Rehab Knoxville Tn

Our Women’s Program is possibly the most special program we have on our campus. Adult women of all ages are joined together in one community, and there are 3 different tracks within the community. One track is for younger ladies (18-26), one track is for women who’ve never been to treatment or been involved in the recovery process before, and the third track is for women who’ve experienced relapse(s). These three treatment tracks allow for an incredible amount of individualized care.

When you first arrive on our campus, we will get to know you through a series of conversations and assessments that will provide us the information we’ll need to begin building an effective treatment plan specific to your needs that will continue to develop and refine throughout your treatment. Within each track, we use a variety of approaches, therapies, and activities to create a treatment experience that fits your specific needs. We dig deep into the emotional realm and help you work through issues that may inhibit sustainable sobriety. We provide in-depth trauma work for women who’ve had a traumatic past. We can also incorporate psychiatry to rule out, or support the use of medication to treat co-occurring mental health disorders.

During your first couple of weeks in treatment we focus on you, then we incorporate any family members you decide to include. Near the end of your stay in the Women’s recovery program, we will work together to assess your progress and help you plan for the next phase of your recovery process to ensure that you are set up for success in your recovery journey.

There's A Lot More To Be Gained Besides Your Sobriety

Women's Addiction Treatment Program In Knoxville TN

For years, the patients at Cornerstone of Recovery were combined into coeducational groups that focused on an all-for-one approach to rehabilitation and treatment. But when new facilities were built and programs were moved to a single campus in 2017, the clinical staff at Cornerstone saw an opportunity to create a unique treatment path designed specifically for female patients.

“We had an opportunity to pull the women out and give them their own program,” Program Director Anne Young says. “Women are so good at mentoring other women. All we had to do was create a safe place and put them together.”

At Cornerstone, we recognize that women face issues in addiction and alcoholism that are unique to them. We realize that it’s difficult, and sometimes impossible, to deal with trauma caused by men if men are a part of the process, and for that reason alone, all of our processing and therapeutic groups are led by female counselors. Most of them are in recovery themselves and know full well the issues that female patients must address to sustain long-term recovery, many of them presenting hand-in-hand with addiction to alcohol and drugs.

What People Are Saying About Us

James Salliotte
James Salliotte
3 months ago
The staff, Counselors, and Therapist's are all amazing and truly caring. I will miss so many of them. The food isn't the greatest but they do occasionally hit one out of the ball park. Especially the brownies. The Medical staff is badly understaffed. My only complaint is they sent me to two out of network doctor appointments while I was in R. And R. I've tried talking to many people but keep getting brushed off. But this is just my experience. If your looking for your best Chance of sobriety. This is the place. You learn so much about yourself and why we do the things we do. And how to change those behaviors. I highly recommend Corner Stone of Recovery. "It became the solid foundation for which I'm rebuilding my Life."- J.K. Rowling
Fred T
Fred T
5 months ago
I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Cornerstone. I went there the last time for me in Sept.2001 and left in March 2002 and because of the treatment that I received I have been clean and sober for 21 years. I took a early retirement from the railroad and became a substance abuse counselor because I wanted what the staff at that time had and to do for others what they did for me. Thank You Cornerstone. If you are reading this and on the fence look no further because they are the best especially if you are serious about Recovery.
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith
9 months ago
The staff is second to none. most of the councilors had been in my shoes and that alone was comforting. Every employee from the nurses to the kitchen staff seemed so genuine. There may be nicer, newer facilities around the country but i would pick the staff at Cornerstone over any of them.

Every Room Designed With Your Comfort In Mind

Treating the mind, body and spirit starts with you being able to get a good night's rest.

Soft & Supportive Memory Foam Beds

Each Room Has Its Own Private Bathroom With Shower

Theromostat In Every Room So You Can Keep The Temperature Just The Way You Like

Personal Armoire For Storing Your Belongings 

It's Not About Just Getting Sober


A drug or alcohol problem doesn’t appear overnight. It’s often wrapped up in life events, traumatic experiences and environmental factors that make up who we are, and abstinence may remove the substances, but it doesn’t address those issues. That’s where the therapies offered to all patients of Cornerstone of Recovery can make a difference.

Whether it’s trauma therapy to help sexual assault survivors process their pain or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to stop negative thinking patterns or Schema Therapy to reconfigure poor coping skills, the clinicians at Cornerstone of Recovery work with each patient to achieve a single goal: building a life that means so much more than just stopping the use of drugs and alcohol.

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Healing The Body Starts With What You Put In It.

Our food and beverage partners recognize that meals prepared from scratch and with care help the healing process by providing three hot, freshly prepared meals each and every day.

Special dietary needs are no problem as well. The team goes out of its way to meet any special dietary restrictions or needs. They make from-scratch veggie patties on days when burgers are served, prefer real-food alternatives to nutritional supplements and prepare meat-free entrees as requested.

Enjoy a cup of soup made fresh daily or maybe make a salad the exact way you like it and top it off with one of the from scratch salad dressings made right in our kitchen. 

In addition to meals in our dining hall, an on-campus store is always well stocked with snacks, beverages, sweets and other comforts. 

Take A Virtual Tour

We put together this virtual tour of our campus so you and your family can have a better idea of what treatment at Cornerstone looks like. Hopefully, this video will be able to help you imagine yourself here with us. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible while here so, if you have more questions about our accommodations, be sure and ask your Care Coordinator when you call. Be sure and check out the other videos across our website that do a good job of demonstrating who we are and what we do. This video is here to show you our campus and help you feel more comfortable by seeing what your environment will be like while you are here.

Activities Fitness & Leisure

When most people think of rehab, they picture groups of emotional individuals huddled in circles, crying their eyes out as they talk about their problems. We’re not saying that won’t happen here … but it’s certainly not the ONLY thing that will happen! Life, after all, is about a balance … so to prepare you for a life in recovery, you’ll have time and be encouraged to pursue that:

In Fitness Therapy, you’ll be in our on-campus gymnasium several times a week, nurturing the body that was so long neglected when you were drinking or using. You’ll activate natural endorphins that remind you what it’s like to feel good naturally, and you’ll re-learn how to care for your physical self while our other programming addresses your mental and emotional health.

In Activity Therapy, you’ll learn to trust, to laugh and to take risks. Whether it’s playing a silly game that helps you get to know the members of community and puts a goofy smile on your face, or taking a turn on our on-campus ropes course where you’ll be encouraged to face your fears, you’ll be reminded that life can be a beautiful thing in which to take part.

On the weekends and in the evenings, you’ll develop bonds with the members of your treatment community that sometimes last long after you leave treatment. Whether it’s watching TV together in the evenings, having long conversations while you walk the nature trail on our 24-acre campus or have fun on a weekend outing to the mountains or the movies or to go bowling, you’ll learn that you can have fun, sober, and do so with other recovering people who want nothing more than to see you get better.

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Cornerstone Is In-Network With Most Health Insurance Companies

Call And Speak With One of Our Admissions Staff To Check Your Benefits or If You Don't See Your Insurance Listed

We also offer private pay options.

Blue Cross Blue Shield
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Empire Blue Cross
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We accept Tenncare insurance plans at Stepping Stone to Recovery, our sister TennCare alcohol and drug rehab program .

Your New Path Can Begin Today

Let's Get Started

What makes the Cornerstone Women’s Program so special?

It’s a Friday morning, and the gentle ring of chimes signals the start of the day.

For some of the women in this morning gathering, it’s the first day of a new journey, one without the shackles of addiction they’ve worn for so long. Led by two Cornerstone of Recovery staff members who have decades of sobriety between them, the women “check in,” telling their peers what they feel, what they need and what they are.

“Strong.” “Thankful.” “Willing.” “Blessed.” Each declaration is met with a unanimous response by the other women assembled around them: “Yes you are!” It’s a powerful refrain, an affirmation absent in the darkness of addiction, a lantern blazing with feminine energy that lights the way to places of grace and healing.

After a few moments of silence as they gather their thoughts, the women begin to open up to one another. Some are lost, having come through the doors a few days earlier; some are serene, having basked in the safety net that Cornerstone provides. Others find themselves in awe of what they’re a part of, often for the first time in their lives. It’s a palpable and powerful thing, a tribal communion that offers solace, comfort, hope and unconditional love.

It’s hope, manifested as a light out of the darkness, and every female patient at Cornerstone finds it among a sisterhood of fellow recovering addicts who make the Women’s Program such a profoundly moving place to get well.

“What am I today?” one woman asks, pausing before answering: “Enough.” There’s a moment of silence as heads lift, eyes meet and hearts open.

“I am enough!” she says again, louder, with greater confidence. And her sisters offer a refrain that will resonate throughout her stay in Cornerstone’s Women’s Program:

“Yes you are!”

She is, and you are as well. You have a place here, among the women of Cornerstone – other clients and staff members – who want nothing more than to give to you a life you never thought possible. If drugs and alcohol have laid waste to the one you’re currently living, give us a call. We’re eager to help you discover a new one.

Your First Step Towards Recovery Starts At Cornerstone