Women's Program

In Cornerstone of Recovery’s Women’s Program, female clients find an approach to addiction treatment unlike any other.

Women's Alcoholism & Drug Rehab Program

In many ways, it’s a drug rehab program that follows a successful formula used by Cornerstone since the doors first opened in 1989: clinical and traditional methods that treat patients using a BioPsychoSocial-Spiritual model, addressing the needs of the whole person with a specific path tailored to each individual. You’re a sick person, not a bad person, and the treatment modalities used at Cornerstone are designed to meet your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs so that the life you pursue beyond your disease is a fulfilling one in all areas.

A Needed Change

For years, the patients at Cornerstone of Recovery were combined into coeducational groups that focused on an all-for-one approach to rehabilitation and treatment. But when new facilities were built and programs were moved to a single campus in 2017, the clinical staff at Cornerstone saw an opportunity to create a unique treatment path designed specifically for female patients.

“We had an opportunity to pull the women out and give them their own program,” Program Director Anne Young says. “Women are so good at mentoring other women. All we had to do was create a safe place and put them together.”

We Are Accepting New Patients

Addiction Doesn't Stop - And Neither Will We

The growing coronavirus pandemic is a serious threat to the health and safety of every American — but so is addiction. In 2017, overdose-related deaths claimed the lives of more than 70,000 people in this country. Alcohol-related deaths kill roughly 88,000 people a year in this country. These illnesses are chronic, progressive and fatal, and the need for recovery is just as pressing as it’s ever been. At Cornerstone of Recovery, we’re committed to our mission of giving those who suffer the opportunity to discover a new way of life, free from addiction — and without the stress of the current COVID-19 climate. Our doors remain open to those who need our help, but we’re taking preventative measures to screen incoming patients, protect those individuals already in our care and educate the Cornerstone community about ways to keep our campus as healthy as possible. Even in times of uncertainty, addiction doesn’t stop — and neither will we.

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Cornerstone of Recovery has been helping patients find lasting sobriety for over 30 years. We are committed to providing our patients with the absolute best treatment experience possible. Learn more about our campus with this virtual tour.

Three Reasons Why You Need to Call Today to Get Addiction and Alcoholism Treatment

  • We’re in the middle of great economic uncertainty. Unemployment rates reached their highest levels in history in April, which means COVID-19 took a catastrophic toll on the job market this spring. If you have a job — or even if you don’t, but you still have benefits provided by your previous place of employment — you’re fortunate. And you should take advantage of those benefits to get the help you need for a drug or alcohol problem today, because there’s no guarantee you’ll have the resources to do so down the road.


  • No one is truly certain what life in the time of coronavirus looks like going forward. Yes, there are still new cases being logged daily, and yes, it’s certainly a health concern for anyone and everyone. But if you’re struggling with addiction and alcoholism, you’re already sick — and the disease you’re battling is far more likely to claim your life than COVID-19. Overdose deaths kill more Americans annually than all combat deaths in the Vietnam War, and alcohol-related deaths claim 88,000 lives yearly. If you have an alcohol or drug problem, you’re more likely to become one of those statistics than a COVID-19 victim.


  • Putting it off for another day is no longer an option. You may tell yourself that it is … and you may have made it this far without treatment … but are you truly living? In our experience — and many of us who work at Cornerstone are in recovery ourselves — suffering from addiction and alcoholism is just existing. Our problems slowly get worse, our health slowly declines and we’re stuck in wreckage of our own making, until we’re faced with two choices: get help, or lose everything. Why wait until the latter when with a simple phone call, you can choose the former?

What makes the Cornerstone Women’s Program so special?


It’s a Friday morning, and the gentle ring of chimes signals the start of the day.

For some of the women in this morning gathering, it’s the first day of a new journey, one without the shackles of addiction they’ve worn for so long. Led by two Cornerstone of Recovery staff members who have decades of sobriety between them, the women “check in,” telling their peers what they feel, what they need and what they are.

“Strong.” “Thankful.” “Willing.” “Blessed.” Each declaration is met with a unanimous response by the other women assembled around them: “Yes you are!” It’s a powerful refrain, an affirmation absent in the darkness of addiction, a lantern blazing with feminine energy that lights the way to places of grace and healing.

After a few moments of silence as they gather their thoughts, the women begin to open up to one another. Some are lost, having come through the doors a few days earlier; some are serene, having basked in the safety net that Cornerstone provides. Others find themselves in awe of what they’re a part of, often for the first time in their lives. It’s a palpable and powerful thing, a tribal communion that offers solace, comfort, hope and unconditional love.

It’s hope, manifested as a light out of the darkness, and every female patient at Cornerstone finds it among a sisterhood of fellow recovering addicts who make the Women’s Program such a profoundly moving place to get well.

“What am I today?” one woman asks, pausing before answering: “Enough.” There’s a moment of silence as heads lift, eyes meet and hearts open.

“I am enough!” she says again, louder, with greater confidence. And her sisters offer a refrain that will resonate throughout her stay in Cornerstone’s Women’s Program:

“Yes you are!”

She is, and you are as well. You have a place here, among the women of Cornerstone – other clients and staff members – who want nothing more than to give to you a life you never thought possible. If drugs and alcohol have laid waste to the one you’re currently living, give us a call. We’re eager to help you discover a new one.

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