Cornerstone counselor tapped as one of Tennessee’s Faces of Opioids

Jessica Stanley — her admission photo to Buffalo Valley in 2016, and today as one of the Tennessee Faces of Opioids. The bitter ends of addiction are a familiar refrain for anyone who sits in a 12 Step meeting: Jails, institutions and death. Jessica Stanley, a therapeutic assistant in Cornerstone of Recovery’s Newcomer’s Program, had…

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Cornerstone of Recovery launches new non-narcotic pain management program

non-narcotic pain management at Cornerstone of Recovery

Now, perhaps more than ever before, there’s a need for non-narcotic pain management within the framework of addiction treatment. Consider a recent staggering revelation: Over the course of 2006 to 2012, pharmaceutical companies flooded America with 76 billion opioid pills [1], enough to supply every man, woman and child in the country with 36 pills…

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Ten signs you may be addicted to opioids

signs you may be addicted to opioids

In 2012, medical professionals dispensed more than 255 million prescriptions for opioids. That came to 81.3 prescriptions for 100 people — a mind-boggling amount that had steadily increased over a six-year period, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. Although those numbers have declined since then, the prescribing rates remain high — 58.7 per…

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