Happy Thanksgiving: A reflection on gratitude, from the Cornerstone family

Cornerstone Thanksgiving

Gratitude is an ephemeral emotion that ebbs and flows like tides on a sand-scoured beach. As an organization that employs and treats addicts and alcoholics, we understand keenly just how important it is to maintain an “attitude of gratitude.” By the same token, we also know that there are moments when it’s in short supply.…

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Cornerstone’s Amy Sawyer selected for statewide opioid awareness campaign

Amy Sawyer opioids

Her mother’s near-fatal motorcycle wreck wasn’t enough to stop it. An emergency room doctor cutting into abscesses caused by IV drug use wasn’t, either. In the end, it was love that brought Amy Sawyer out of the depths of addiction, and she found it as a patient at Cornerstone of Recovery. Today, she’s approaching four…

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