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Recovery Renewal

The Recovery Renewal Residential Program (RR) was designed for individuals who have substantial knowledge about treatment and recovery but have been unable to maintain sobriety.

Relapse Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment Program

Relapse Recovery Program

Few things are more devastating in the recovery process than a relapse. Whether it’s after a few weeks or a few years, those who stumble along the recovery journey can find themselves feeling more discouraged, hopeless and angry than ever before. They may feel like a failure, or worse yet, that they themselves are somehow defective. They may wonder what the point is in staying clean; they may find it easier to slip back into old habits than to get back up on their feet and try again.

Recovery, however, isn’t a school lesson to be learned and forgotten. It’s a life lesson that becomes ingrained in the day-to-day lives of those who embrace it, and it still resides in the recesses of the minds of all those who have had any exposure. Even when an addict slips and falters from the recovery path, the knowledge gained in previous treatment programs is still there. It may seem like it will never work, but at Cornerstone of Recovery, we know differently.

That’s why we’ve designed a program specific to those who have relapsed. We know that relapse, while not a requirement, is part of the recovery process for many addicts. It doesn’t have to be, but when it is, those who endure it often feel like failure is their only option. We know that isn’t true, and our Residential Relapse Recovery program is designed to “kick start” the recovery journey for those who have walked it before in a way that’s more intense than ever before.

It’s an intensive residential inpatient program for those who have tried to stay clean in the past but been unsuccessful, even after exposure to residential treatment and 12-Step programs in the past. It’s designed to help patients target the triggers and issues that factor into their inability to stay clean, those factors that lead to a relapse. Because many such patients are treatment-savvy, having had previous experience with the disease concept and treatment for addiction, we know that a different approach is needed — and we have a program specifically designed for it:

  • A supervised detoxification program
  • A 28-30 day residential program with emphasis on development of self-esteem, moral reasoning, and relapse prevention
  • Intense schedule from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. seven days a week
  • Group therapy
  • Identification of stumbling blocks and past patterns of behavior that have contributed to relapse in the past and development of coping mechanisms that support and develop.
  • Family programs for parents, siblings, spouses, and children as young as 3.
  • Attendance at 12-step recovery meetings, both in our facility and in the community
  • Extended continuous care/aftercare focus

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The Path To Recovery Starts At Cornerstone

Medical Detoxification

Medical Detoxification can be a critical time in a patient’s journey toward recovery because the symptoms
of withdrawal can be difficult to manage and potentially life-threatening. A team of certified, competent
and caring professionals work together to ensure that we provide the best medical care for our patients.
The Medical Director prescribes detox medications to keep the patient safe and reasonably comfortable.

While receiving detoxification medications, patients also attend Acudetox groups utilizing a specific
acupuncture protocol, psychoeducational groups, and experiential activities. However, detox patients are
also given sufficient opportunity to relax and allow their bodies to begin the healing process. Patients on
a detox protocol are monitored 24 hours a day and the typical length of detoxification is 3 to 5 days and
may be longer depending on the severity of the patient’s withdrawal symptoms.

Assessment & Orientation Unit (A&O)

This unit is designed to support our patients as they enter treatment and begin to invest in their community of peers. An extensive battery of assessments is performed to identify the patient’s bio-psycho-social-spiritual strengths, needs, and barriers to recovery (such as chronic pain, dual diagnosis, trauma, or other co-occurring disorders). This comprehensive assessment process provides our medical and clinical teams with much of the information they need to build a treatment plan that is individualized for each patient.

Non-Narcotic Pain Management Program

Our NON-NARCOTIC PAIN MANAGEMENT PROGRAM offers solutions that eliminate and or reduce the dependence on medications to treat pain and improve treatment outcomes. We are able to reduce pain and improve the recovery process. We offer sound information and teach skills that the patient can use to improve coping, relaxation, mindfulness, nutrition, and much more. Some of the modalities we use are Reiki, Rubenfeld Synergy, Acupressure, Mindful Stretching, and Addiction Free Pain Management Education.

Experiential Therapy

We believe healing occurs through direct experience. Experiential activities amplify the traditional therapeutic
modalities that are part of our milieu. Fitness, Meditation, Relaxation Therapy, Yoga, Spirituality Groups, Ropes Course, Mindfulness, Art Therapy, Drumming Circles, and community outings are some components of experiential healing at Cornerstone. Patients who participate in experiential therapies report reductions

Family Therapy

Family Therapy is an integral part of all of the clinical programs at Cornerstone. Early on in
the treatment process, we conduct a Family Questionnaire which allows family members and
close personal friends to have input that impacts the patients treatment plan. When appropriate,
there are Family Therapy sessions throughout the treatment process. These sessions are designed
to work through relationship issues, enhancecommunication, educate the family about the disease of addiction and provide them with emotional support while their loved one is in treatment. Through this support, the family will gain knowledge about the treatment process and how they may be unknowingly supporting the addiction through co-dependent and enabling behaviors.

Family members will learn about how to engage in personal growth and change through various 12 step programs, so that the family can heal together trough the recovery process. Cornerstone requires that each patient complete Family Fundamentals, an intensive three-day family program designed to provide intensive education, group therapy, family therapy, 12 step meeting experience, and an opportunity to repair the damage caused by active addiction. Family members are strongly encouraged to attend the Family Fundamentals program along with the patient. Cornerstone also has a weekly family education group for family members and an ongoing support group for parents of young adults who are struggling with addiction or who have recently entered recovery

Continuous Care

The Continuous Care Program upholds Cornerstone of Recovery’s treatment philosophy that chemical dependency is a chronic incurable disease that requires the consistent and continued attention of each patient for a lifetime. Recent scientific studies of the disease process have determined that full remission from active addiction does not occur until an individual has experienced at least 18 months of continuous sobriety, long after most intensive treatment programs have concluded.

In response to this knowledge, the Continuous Care Program provides services for a period of at least 18 months following treatment, to ensure that each patient has the opportunity for professional support throughout the early stages of their recovery. During this time, patients are encouraged to practice the skills and tools they learned and developed in treatment as they find their way back
into their home, work, and social environments. They are able to talk with Recovery Coaches and therapeutically
process the ups and downs they experience in sobriety. Active participation in the Continuous Care Program is vital in establishing a lifelong, solid recovery plan.

Support Living Facility (SLF)

The Support Living Facility (SLF) provides a safe environment for patients to continue to learn and practice self-management and interpersonal relationship skills while solidifying their recovery program. It can take several months for individuals to become comfortable enough in their recovery to successfully move away from the environment where they got sober. The SLF Program allows men and women to experience some of the freedoms they will experience after treatment while they are supported by thier peers, staff, and a sober environment. Staff monitors the community through regular contact, group therapy, spirituality groups, relapse prevention groups, drug screens, and random checks of the living quarters. Eventually, the patient is allowed to retrieve their cell phone, to leave the premises, operate a vehicle and obtain employment. The minimum length of stay is 2 months (while the individual concurrently is in the IOP Program). Patients often choose to stay in SLF longer while they continue to build their recovery network and become more comfortable with the life changes they’ve made.Typical length of stay varies from 2 to 6 months, depending on the patient’s clinical needs.


We are  extremely proud of the work we do at Cornerstone of Recovery

I was here in2001, I had relapsed for about 6 months never forgetting my stay at Cornerstone. My sobriety date is 7/11/02, yes 15 years so far with the help of a good foundation.
Sid Peterson
Phenomenal, life-saving program. Thank you a million times.
Mark Clark
This. Place saved my life I recomend it to any one that is ready to make a real change
Justin Elliott
helps a lot of people that are struggling to stay clean
Steven Harrison
I love it !!! It has help me in my recovery and too live life on life's terms .
John Babirak
Wonderful place to start your journey in recovery........
John Sorenson
This place holds a very special place in my heart. I was a meth addict and my husband was an alcoholic. We both came to cornerstone in 2014. I came 2 weeks after he left. This place saved our lives and our marriage. We've been sober now almost 3 years and we have a new lease on life. I will always remember the counselors and the patients as my family
Brandi Barrett Craven
I went to Cornerstone of recovery in a sea of opioid addiction November 2015. If I were asked how I liked it then, it would have received a resounding NO! However, when I left in February 2016, with the tools necessary to deal with this disease, I absolutely would not replace the genuine loving care I received for the world. I will always be grateful for Cornerstone helping me learned how to live again, because addiction is no way of life. I now am 19 months clean only because I use the tools I learned. �
Bobby Miller
My second time here. My 1st time i lasted 10 months and relapse on alcohol again, only because i didn't do what Cornerstone told me to do. I got lazy and didnt use the tools they taught me. Here at Cornerstone again for alcoholism..i love the new buildings it is like staying at a Hilton. The new chow hall has a Chief and the food is excellent.Cornerstone is not just teaching me how to stay sober but also are treating me for my depression and lifetraps i got from going up with a alcoholic mom...i am a railroader and a disable vet. ..they have special classes for both of these with councelors that have alot of experience helping vets and railroaders stay clean and sober.
Steve Felton
Absolutely fantastic place to keep in touch with your sobriety. And get a daily dose of recovery
Chad Davis
This page keeps me in touch with my sobriety and for that i love it and read it daily
Nola Melin
Cornerstone saved my life. It has been 11 years since coming through the program and the people and memories I will cherish forever! The new site looks beautiful! Thank you Cornerstone!
Alicia Queen
I wish I could did my brother and recovery
Gina Ferrara
I look forward to gaining insight through your encouraging page here...
Chrissy Englund Wessels
I look forward to your inspiring posts every day! Also, your pictures are exceptional! Thank you
Linda L. Zehringer Ridgway
I like the pics of the titles
Cory Senior
Cornerstone is awesome! So is the Cornerstone parent fellowship of the teen's! 🙂
Edie Harlow
I came through corner stone 8 years ago. What a great place
Brad Jones
I love it. These quotes inspire me to keep going forward & to never look back I what I left behind me cuz thats what took me down.
Serena Licon
Fred Smith
I think this page is like a breath of fresh air.
Dawn Everra
Helps keep me focus since I do have a fracture personally. Thank GOD for this site.
Geraldine Planter
I love my new life it has helped me so much I am truely greatful .
William Slavin
I look to this site carries me thru my day and helps me live on life's terms..Gods terms..I still have chaos..issues..but this helps with that load...thankyou
Kerry Ann Belford
Lots of wisdom for the fellow addict. ..or truthful....and strive to b like Christ. ...anything is possible....
Lauliki Kapoo
I love it, it gives me inspiration and a daily dose of spirituality! !!!!!!
Diane Wilson
Cornerstone saved my life. The things I learned about my self and my addiction have given me a great start to my recovery. I will cherish my time there and the people I met there. Proud to say I went there for treatment
Carrie Dodson Ford
It was a life changing for me. It gave me a new start on life. And helped me to start building my relationships back with my family and for that i am truely grateful
Russell Howard
This page is truly amazing! I love it! Especially the pics of the lighthouses and of course the spiritual words of wisdom. I have always associated them with recovery. Like a guide standing strong against the storms, currents, high tides, low tides, and etc. but yet they stand strong shining their light..keep em' coming please and thank you!
Tj Bogdan
K would like to thank my freind rich corlett for sharing this gift with me my recovery is the reason i have a life today i. Am gratfull
Cristle Delorme
As a recovering alcoholic these are very helpful to me and also learn these in AA meetings.
Alan J Carney
I love all the beautiful pictures & wonder prayers! Thank you!
Jennifer McIntosh- Beery
Love this site because it helps people like me in recovery to deal with life issues-I no longer have a drink issue I deal with life issues on a daily basis. 🙂
Eileen John


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