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Relapse Recovery Program

Few things are more devastating in the recovery process than a relapse. Whether it’s after a few weeks or a few years, those who stumble along the recovery journey can find themselves feeling more discouraged, hopeless and angry than ever before. They may feel like a failure, or worse yet, that they themselves are somehow defective. They may wonder what the point is in staying clean; they may find it easier to slip back into old habits than to get back up on their feet and try again.

Recovery, however, isn’t a school lesson to be learned and forgotten. It’s a life lesson that becomes ingrained in the day-to-day lives of those who embrace it, and it still resides in the recesses of the minds of all those who have had any exposure. Even when an addict slips and falters from the recovery path, the knowledge gained in previous treatment programs is still there. It may seem like it will never work, but at Cornerstone of Recovery, we know differently.

That’s why we’ve designed a program specific to those who have relapsed. We know that relapse, while not a requirement, is part of the recovery process for many addicts. It doesn’t have to be, but when it is, those who endure it often feel like failure is their only option. We know that isn’t true, and our Residential Relapse Recovery program is designed to “kick start” the recovery journey for those who have walked it before in a way that’s more intense than ever before.

It’s an intensive residential inpatient program for those who have tried to stay clean in the past but been unsuccessful, even after exposure to residential treatment and 12-Step programs in the past. It’s designed to help patients target the triggers and issues that factor into their inability to stay clean, those factors that lead to a relapse. Because many such patients are treatment-savvy, having had previous experience with the disease concept and treatment for addiction, we know that a different approach is needed — and we have a program specifically designed for it:

  • A supervised detoxification program
  • A 28-30 day residential program with emphasis on development of self-esteem, moral reasoning, and relapse prevention
  • Intense schedule from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. seven days a week
  • Group therapy
  • Identification of stumbling blocks and past patterns of behavior that have contributed to relapse in the past and development of coping mechanisms that support and develop.
  • Family programs for parents, siblings, spouses, and children as young as 3.
  • Attendance at 12-step recovery meetings, both in our facility and in the community
  • Extended continuous care/aftercare focus

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