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Career Opportunities At Cornerstone of Recovery

There’s something mystical, almost, about coming to work each day at Cornerstone of Recovery.

Yes, that sounds grandiose. Melodramatic, even. But until you’re a part of the Cornerstone family, it’s difficult to fully understand just how special this place is. Every day, our employees show up not just for the promise of a paycheck, but for dividends that extend far beyond numbers in a bank account, and it all starts with our Mission Statement: "Cornerstone's mission is to save lives, families and jobs by providing hope, healing and recovery for those impacted by the disease of addiction."

At Cornerstone, the currency those employees get, in addition to good pay for a job well done, is hope. As one of the most respected drug and alcohol treatment centers in the nation, it’s what we provide to our patients, and it permeates everything we do. We see them come through the doors, broken and wounded and defeated by the weight of their addiction and all of its accompanying madness … and we embrace them. We lift them up. We take their hands and lead them back into the light. That's been our mission for more than three decades, and after all this time, we remain committed to that: "Cornerstone's vision is to be a national leader offering the best value while being a trusted partner for those struggling with addiction."

And make no mistake: This is a process that encompasses everyone, from administrators to clinical therapists to fitness coaches to van drivers to maintenance workers to cooks. Every single person who works for Cornerstone answers to a higher calling, and it’s palpable in everything we do — from a smile and a nod as we pass patients on the sidewalk to a chat in the cafeteria line to the emotional one-on-one conversations in which we hear their pain and share with them our central tenet: that anyone can stop using … lose the desire to use … and find a new way to live.

At Cornerstone of Recovery, that new way to live is evident in the atmosphere and the attitudes. It’s in the random kindness of an opened door, the warm embrace of a heartfelt hug, the laughter that drifts through the trees that surround us. It is the hope that the way forward is available to everyone, and there’s room for you on our staff to help us carry that message. To make a difference. To change lives, by becoming part of something in which every one of us serves a noble calling that gives to us as much as we do to it.

If you’re interested in joining our team, there’s a way for you to submit a job application online. Please select the link below that corresponds with the internal or external job postings you want to check out. Please note, when clicking a job to apply for, the entire process will take approximately 15 minutes, and your completed application will automatically be sent to Human Resources.

If we find you meet our minimum qualifications, you should be hearing from us to continue the candidate process. We look forward to working with you, and we think you’ll find that you look forward to working with us as well — because at Cornerstone of Recovery, we’re changing lives, and that’s a reward far greater than any material commodity.

Thank you for your interest in working with us at Cornerstone of Recovery!

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