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Alcohol & Drug Rehab for Aviation Professionals

Aviation professionals often face greater levels of job tension than employees in many other fields. And like everyone else, they too can find themselves lured into the numbing comfort of alcohol and/or drugs to cope with that stress. Over time and with continued use, what often begins as stress relief can turn into something more — alcoholism and drug addiction. A drink or two to take the edge off at the end of a long day becomes two or three just to face it, and suddenly consequences begin to pile up. Careers can be jeopardized, reputations can be ruined … and lives can be lost.

But as there is for all who battle the diseases of alcoholism and addiction, there is hope. At Cornerstone of Recovery, we’ve developed a program specifically designed for those in the aviation industry. It was conceived and is managed by former airline employees with more than 40 years of industry experience. Those caregivers know full well the needs of pilots, flight attendants, ground staff and others in the profession — not just the pressures that come with the job, but the expectations that come with those careers as well.

These dedicated Cornerstone staff members of the Aviation Professionals program are familiar with FAA regulations, have extensive knowledge of specific policies of the various airlines and are deeply connected to a broad network of airline unions and employee assistance programs. Throughout the duration of this customized program — which may be from 30 to 90 days — they work closely with clients not just on combating the addiction and alcoholism but on implementing a lifelong program of recovery that can give those who return to the skies the confidence and serenity they need to face whatever turbulence – physical, financial and emotional — that may be on the horizon.

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Now that I am able to have the blessing of hindsight, my experience at Cornerstone was just what I needed.  EVERYTHING that all of the counselors taught me turned out to be true, even though I didn’t believe it at the time.  The fact that the majority of the counselors at Cornerstone are in recovery is a tremendous asset.  Cornerstone gave me the tools and education to get started on my journey of sobriety.  I am very fortunate that my company was supportive and sent me to Cornerstone to get better.


John D  Aviation Professional

An answer to prayer. For too long a time I searched for a way to manage the living hell that my life had become. My solution to the madness: drugs and alcohol only led to further destruction. When I finally had to courage to address the demons and face my fears,  Cornerstone offered a true and lasting solution. The very personable and professional staff at Cornerstone aided me in getting to the root issues and finally heal. To say that life has changed is an understatement. Cornerstone has provided me with the tools to deal with the past and ability to create a new life in recovery. Never have I been happier. Cornerstone introduced me to a life in sobriety for which I am forever grateful.


Trent G  Aviation Professional