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Aftercare Program

At Cornerstone of Recovery, we strongly believe that the treatment process is the beginning of a new life centered in recovery. It is not a “cure,” because the disease concept of addiction teaches us that it is a chronic and progressive illness that, left untreated, can be fatal. That’s why the recovery process that begins with one of our various programs doesn’t end after treatment. In fact, medical and addiction studies show that the first 18 months of recovery is an extremely critical time for those battling addiction.

At Cornerstone, we establish a relationship with patients when they walk through the door. We coach them through the discovery process during treatment, and afterward, we help them transition to the next step — aftercare, a period of time where patients take what they’ve learned about themselves and their disease, apply it in the real world and maintain close ties with the facility in which they got their start. We monitor their progress, coach them through difficult times, offer them an outlet to express the experiences they go through clean and provide a safe haven to which they can return to “check in” and “tune up.”

At Cornerstone of Recovery, we strongly believe it’s imperative to maintain contact with our patients for a minimum of 18 months after treatment. Cornerstone’s professional staff members develop a detailed aftercare plan for each patient while the patient is enrolled in one of the core treatment programs, so that once the discovery phase of the treatment process ends, the recovery process can continue uninterrupted.