The Admissions Department Has A Wealth of Information To Share

For prospective patients and their family members inquiring about substance abuse treatment at Cornerstone of Recovery, the staff members of our Admissions Department give them their first glimmer of hope.

When an individual’s addiction has crossed an event horizon of pain, they reach out. Often, they call us blindly, with no idea of who or what we are, only with the desperate need to find an addiction treatment program that can make the pain stop. That’s what makes our trained Admissions personnel so critical to the treatment process: They’re well aware of their role in providing a sympathetic ear, in giving a glimmer of hope, while at the same time helping a potential patient begin the journey that will save his or her life.

It’s a combination of gathering information from callers and educating them about what treatment entails, according to Admissions Director Dan Schweickhardt, who estimates that roughly 35 percent of callers do so for the first time, with no clue about what addiction treatment is or what steps they need to take to obtain it. Many times, those callers are family members – wives, husbands, parents, siblings – who want to present treatment as a solution to a problem that’s caused devastation to the entire family, and our Admissions counselors patiently and painstakingly explain not just the services Cornerstone offers, but the long history it has in the substance abuse treatment field.

“Everybody who calls, our goal is to help them,” Dan says. “We sometimes tell them to take a deep breath because they’re upset and just need someone to talk to. We remind them that their loved ones aren’t bad; they’re just sick. They have a fatal disease, but the good news is, they don’t have to die from it, and they don’t have to face it alone.”

Not Always The Best Fit For Our Facility

Sometimes, our Admissions personnel know within a few minutes whether a potential patient is the right fit for Cornerstone, and sadly, that’s not always the case. A lack of insurance or financial means to private pay may be a stumbling block, but they don’t have to be – through calling Admissions, potential patients and their families can explore an avenue of payment options that keep treatment at Cornerstone on the table. Even if it’s determined that Cornerstone is not the right fit for the patient, the goal remains the same – to help anyone who calls, even if it means referring them to another facility that may work for them.

Not Just Another Number

We believe strongly, of course, that Cornerstone offers the best hope for long-lasting, continuous recovery, and you can hear that commitment in every phone call our Admissions counselors take. They’re not reading from a script or reciting information in a bored monotone; they’re passionate and engaged and as eager to help as the callers are desperate to receive that help, because they know that the stakes of addiction may very well be life or death.

“We want them to get in and get well,” Dan says. “When they call, we try to educate them about what to expect, but a lot of times, we’re just good listeners.”

So too, hopefully, are the callers. As that initial call progresses, our Admissions staff will educate you about what’s needed next: basic data like date of birth and Social Security numbers, insurance information, employment information and medical history.

What About Costs & Payment Arrangements?

If it’s determined that Cornerstone can meet the needs of a potential patient, then payment information is discussed. If the individual just happens to have the money for treatment, that’s great – but we recognize that’s an unusual scenario. Most of the time, Admissions staff members are able to help callers brainstorm through the financial puzzle and come up with workable solutions. Perhaps it’s accessing funds in a Health Savings Account, or withdrawing cash from a retirement loan; maybe it’s borrowing money on a line of credit, or obtaining a medical loan, or even borrowing money from a relative. Financing treatment is never an easy topic to discuss, and certainly not a comfortable one, but what would you be willing to pay for a new way to live, free of the bondage of addiction?

We believe that the answer is “anything,” and the goal of our Admissions Department is to be up front about the entire process – from the cost of treatment and the limitations of insurance to the details of living arrangements and meal provisions – from the very beginning. It’s important to us to establish a relationship of trust and openness from the very beginning. That’s not always an easy task, especially when dealing with patients and family members who have been robbed of hope by addiction, but we feel we’re up to it. We hope you’ll make that phone call and let us prove ourselves worthy of your trust; more importantly, let us help you or your loved one find a new way to live.

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