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Addiction Treatment & Recovery Blog

Cornerstone of Recovery is an addiction treatment center located in Knoxville Tennessee. We have helped thousands of patients begin their journey down the road to recovery. Please enjoy our blog and we hope that if you or someone you know is suffereing from addiction that you are able to get the help you or they need. 

Recent Posts

MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: Jason Isbell documents a searing recovery journey on the 2013 album ‘Southeastern’

By Steve Wildsmith | Apr 20, 2018

Singer-songwriter Jason Isbell started turning heads shortly after he joined the Southern rock outfit the Drive-By Truckers in time for that band’s 2004 release, “The Dirty South.” An Alabama boy, he’s an especially gifted lyricist, and he made that band better through his contributions. Alcohol, however, made it a rocky relationship, and a few years…

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MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: The ‘Wolves’ of addiction are tamed by the light of recovery

By Steve Wildsmith | Apr 13, 2018

How about some rock ‘n’ roll this week? When the North Carolina-based band American Aquarium released the record “Wolves” in 2015, singer-songwriter/frontman B.J. Barham had less than a year sober. His recovery began on a whim: His girlfriend, whom he would marry four months later, joked that he couldn’t go out and have a good…

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MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: The sun always rises, and the ‘Clouds’ always part, The Jayhawks say

By Steve Wildsmith | Apr 6, 2018

Feeling stressed? I get it. But despite the long list of things going on in my life, I refuse to consider them stressors. I spent the better part of 30 minutes this morning going over in my head all that I have on my plate at the moment, from the long to-do list of marketing…

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MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: Get up, dust yourself off and ‘Keep On Rollin’,’ says Maggie Longmire

By Steve Wildsmith | Mar 30, 2018

Welcome to your Friday motivational, a.k.a. “Cornerstone Radio.” We’re almost through the first quarter of 2018, and I’m still processing 2017. It was a roller coaster year — but then, aren’t they all? — that started off with tragedy for the Wildsmith family. The end of January marked 12 months since my father passed unexpectedly,…

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MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: Introducing a regular blog post meant to inspire and bring you joy

By Steve Wildsmith | Mar 23, 2018

NOTE: Cornerstone media content developer Steve Wildsmith came on board full time in March and began sending out weekly missives to the staff. We thought they were powerful enough to share with the rest of the world, and so we’ve gone back and added them to our recovery blog. Hey, all. As I wrap up…

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Will I need detox from alcohol?

By Steve Wildsmith | Feb 19, 2018

So you’re giving serious consideration to treatment, and you’re wondering — will you need detox from alcohol? Good question, and one that we’ll figure out in the first phase of your Cornerstone of Recovery journey. This process is known as Assessment and Orientation: Think of it as processing you into Cornerstone, where we’ll thoroughly go…

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Do you need detox from opiates?

By Steve Wildsmith | Feb 19, 2018

  Do you need detox from opiates? Short answer: Need may be an overstatement, but should you? Absolutely. If you’ve ever attempted to detox on your own, then you know the agony of opiate withdrawal. It’s a hellish three- to five-day process of physical agony that, while it may not kill you, will certainly make you wish it could.…

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Things You Should Do To Mentally Prepare for Rehab

By Steve Wildsmith | Feb 19, 2018

You’ve made the decision to go.  You’ve gotten approved by the facility and by your insurance (or by the family members who will pay your way). But you can’t check in for a few days or longer. How, then, do you prepare yourself to go into treatment? First things first — deep breaths. Don’t panic.…

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What To Expect At Rehab For Alcoholism

By Steve Wildsmith | Jan 23, 2018

If you’re battling the bottle, know this: You’re not alone. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, roughly 17.6 million Americans suffer from what’s labeled as Alcohol Use Disorder. That’s a fancy way of describing the obsession to drink and the compulsion that drives you to do so, even when every rational…

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