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Addiction Treatment & Recovery Blog

Cornerstone of Recovery is an addiction treatment center located in Knoxville Tennessee. We have helped thousands of patients begin their journey down the road to recovery. Please enjoy our blog and we hope that if you or someone you know is suffereing from addiction that you are able to get the help you or they need. 

Recent Posts

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an effective tool for a variety of disorders

By Steve Wildsmith | Oct 14, 2019

When it comes to a drug and alcohol treatment modality like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), it’s always a good idea to ask: Does it actually work? After all, for addiction treatment, there are as many therapeutic approaches as there are treatment centers, and the efficacy of those approaches is often debatable. Equine therapy, for example,…

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Acceptance And Integration Training (AAIT) finds success outside the traditional psychotherapy framework

By Steve Wildsmith | Oct 10, 2019

On the surface, Acceptance And Integration Training® — known by its acronym, AAIT™ — sounds complex and perhaps even arcane. This new approach to psychotherapy was developed in recent years by Melanie McGhee, a licensed clinical social worker who began her practice in 1984.  McGhee synthesized AAIT out of practical experience and decades of training…

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Amy Sawyer opioids

Cornerstone’s Amy Sawyer selected for statewide opioid awareness campaign

By Steve Wildsmith | Oct 7, 2019

Her mother’s near-fatal motorcycle wreck wasn’t enough to stop it. An emergency room doctor cutting into abscesses caused by IV drug use wasn’t, either. In the end, it was love that brought Amy Sawyer out of the depths of addiction, and she found it as a patient at Cornerstone of Recovery. Today, she’s approaching four…

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Suicide prevention awareness campaign #speakupsavelives19 set for Friday

By Steve Wildsmith | Sep 25, 2019

It sounds innocuous enough — “deaths due to intentional self-harm” — but the statistics compiled by the website America’s Health Rankings, sponsored by the United Health Foundation, paint a grim picture: More and more Tennesseans are killing themselves each year. In 2018, according to the website [1], the numbers rose again over the previous year,…

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Cornerstone 30th anniversary

Sue’s story: A Hood family member reminisces on Cornerstone’s miraculous beginnings

By Steve Wildsmith | Sep 19, 2019

The Toth family: From left, son Nick, Susan Hood Toth, husband Larry Toth, granddaughter Kinsley Rogers, daughter Lauren Toth Rogers and Lauren’s husband, Nate Rogers. It was the 38th Friday of the year when a dedicated group of employees opened the doors to Cornerstone of Recovery on Sept. 22, 1989, full of hope tempered by…

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A pair of Cornerstone pioneers recall facility’s halcyon times on eve of anniversary

By Steve Wildsmith | Sep 13, 2019

A sign outlines the original plans for Cornerstone of Recovery: detox and Intensive Outpatient at 1120 Topside Road, a.k.a. Hearthstone Lodge, and residential treatment at Tapoco Lodge in North Carolina. It may have been a combination of serendipity, dumb luck and sheer determination that rooted Cornerstone of Recovery to the Louisville community of Blount County,…

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Teresa Hazel TAADAC Professional of the Year

TAADAC names Cornerstone’s Teresa Hazel as Professional of the Year

By Steve Wildsmith | Sep 6, 2019

Award recipient Teresa Hazel, left, with Nancy Dabbs, president of the East Tennessee Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors. Whenever someone in East Tennessee asks for help for addiction and alcoholism, her name almost always finds its way into the conversation. On social media, pleas for treatment are met with a litany of tags…

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Cornerstone counselor tapped as one of Tennessee’s Faces of Opioids

By Steve Wildsmith | Sep 3, 2019

Jessica Stanley — her admission photo to Buffalo Valley in 2016, and today as one of the Tennessee Faces of Opioids. The bitter ends of addiction are a familiar refrain for anyone who sits in a 12 Step meeting: Jails, institutions and death. Jessica Stanley, a therapeutic assistant in Cornerstone of Recovery’s Newcomer’s Program, had…

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Cornerstone of Recovery 30 years

Thirty years strong: How one man turned a vision into Cornerstone of Recovery

By Steve Wildsmith | Aug 30, 2019

The portrait of William J. “Bill” Hood hangs in the boardroom of Stepping Stone to Recovery. For years, they returned to Blount County, Tennessee — hundreds of recovering addicts and sober alcoholics — to honor the legacy of a man most never met at a facility that shouldn’t rightly exist. Cornerstone of Recovery, located in…

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