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Nashville Alcoholism Treatment & Alcohol Rehab Programs

If you’re seeking alcoholism treatment in Nashville, your best bet is to find the treatment program with the best understanding of the problem.

The American Society of Addiction Medicine defines alcoholism as “a primary, chronic disease with genetic, psychosocial and environmental factors influencing its development and manifestation. The disease is often progressive and fatal.” In the almost 30 years of experience we have at Cornerstone of Recovery, we’re acutely aware of those factors, and our mission is to halt the progression before it leads to death.

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It’s been our goal since 1989, when our founder, William J. “Bill” Hood, leveraged everything he owned to open a small facility in a strip mall outside of Knoxville to give hope to the hopeless. As a former executive for a national company, he had lost it all before getting sober 10 years earlier, and he knew from personal experience how devastating alcoholism can be, and what an overwhelming need there was then — and still is — for alcoholism treatment in Tennessee. At the time, Cornerstone of Recovery had beds for 18 patients and room for 22 staff members; now, we have more than 100 beds and roughly 250 staff members managing four distinct programs out of a four-facility campus on the banks of the Little River, in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee.

Bill’s status as a recovering alcoholic set the tone for our treatment model, and today, more than 90 percent of our clinical staff members are in recovery themselves. We believe that the therapeutic value of an individual who once struggled with alcoholism and/or drug addiction helping those who currently do is without parallel; when combined with academic knowledge and scientifically proven clinical methods of drug and alcohol treatment, that practical experience gives patients the best possible scenario for long-term sobriety after they leave our recovery center.

Inpatient Alcohol Drug Rehab

What Does Alcoholism Treatment Involve At Cornerstone?

The first step in the alcoholism treatment process is through Medical Detox, where patients are slowly and safely weaned from the booze that has ravaged their bodies, impaired their minds and destroyed their spirits. Our trained medical staff members monitor patients around the clock during a typical three- to five-day detox stay, and once the initial fog of alcohol addiction has lifted, we integrate those patients into a community of peers all working toward the same goal: relief from the disease that wants to claim their lives. Those peer groups include the following programs:

Newcomers Residential Program

for first-time treatment patients who are given a basic education about their ailment as well as the tools necessary to combat it;

Young Adult Residential

for younger addicts and alcoholics ages 18-26 whose emotional growth has been stunted and lives have been derailed before they’ve truly begun.

Recovery Renewal Program

a program for those who are treatment-savvy but haven’t managed to apply the tools they’ve learned toward long-term sobriety outside of treatment;

Women's Drug Rehab Program

a program specifically for female patients that gives them the safety and security they need to focus on the issues specific to their gender


Each program includes the same core components that make up what’s known as the Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual approach to treatment, meaning that all aspects of an individual must be healed in order for total recovery to be fully enjoyed: the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Our treatment options also include an opportunity to extend into a multi-week Intensive Outpatient Program, which provides an additional layer of safety before patients return home to Nashville.

Does Cornerstone Accept My Health Insurance?

The short answer? Yes. If you have a private or commercial health insurance policy purchased through the Health Marketplace Exchange or provided by an employer (or a dependent’s employer), then chances are very good that Cornerstone is considered an in-network provider. For more than 30 years, we’ve worked with health insurance companies around the country, including in Nashville, to serve the needs of patients seeking drug and alcohol rehab. We understand that navigating the fine print of health insurance plans can be frustrating and nerve-wracking, but our trained staff members can help you navigate those hurdles so that you can begin the addiction treatment process unburdened by the worry of financial strain. Some of the plans accepted by Cornerstone include::

Rehab Center that takes aetna blue cross blue shield untied healthcare Humana Cigna

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal
Crescent Health Solutions

Empire Blue Cross
Health Alliance
HealthSmart: Benefit Solutions
Horizon Healthcare
Magellan Behavioral Health

Meritain Health
ValueOptions/Beacon Health Options

In addition, TennCare recipients likely qualify for drug and alcohol treatment at Stepping Stone to Recovery, our sister facility based in Knoxville that provides TennCare and lower-cost alternatives without sacrificing the quality of the treatment provided.

What Happens Next?

Alcoholism treatment in Nashville and other cities, we’ve discovered through our decades of work in the field, has to be more than just the cessation of drinking. The alcohol is just a symptom of a much bigger problem, an internal one that can only be addressed through a dissection of emotional issues, stumbling blocks and life traps that keep alcoholics trapped in the vicious cycle of a disease that’s leading them down a ever-darker path toward an absolute finality.

That journey can be halted, however, and new paths can be forged; through the long-term sobriety that’s the ultimate goal of all patients at Cornerstone of Recovery, those who seek our help can put their disease into remission and find a new way of life that’s more fulfilling and rewarding than they ever imagined. None of that can begin, however, until you pick up the phone and make that initial call. Our trained and compassionate Admissions counselors are standing by, ready to help you take those first tentative steps toward that renewal.

Alcohol Rehab & Alcoholism Treatment Nashville TN

Why Consider Leaving Nashville For Treatment

There are, of course, plenty of options for alcohol and drug rehab in Nashville, Tennessee, some of them no doubt effective. What we do at Cornerstone, however, is comparable, and in some ways superior, to most other alcoholism and addiction treatment programs in the nation. From residential treatment to evaluation of co-occurring mental health disorders to group therapy to evidence-based clinical tools, the spectrum of care offered at Cornerstone is vast and comprehensive.

Our belief is that alcohol is just a symptom of the problem, and that a number of genetic, environmental and behavioral factors must be looked at and reckoned with in order for patients to sustain long-term sobriety.  Alcoholism and substance abuse aren't attributable to moral failure or weakness of will; they're legitimate medical illnesses that can be treated with the right combination of therapy, compassion, support and encouragement. Regardless of where you may find that in Nashville, you'll certainly find it at Cornerstone, just three hours east of Music City down Interstate 40.

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