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Cornerstone of Recovery Accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee for Drug Rehab

You may not realize it, but if you struggle with a drug problem, you may have the solution in your back pocket. If you carry a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee card in your wallet or purse, you qualify for residential addiction treatment at Cornerstone of Recovery. Here at Cornerstone, we accept most major commercial health insurance plans, including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee. As a provider in network with BCBS, we’ll put your behavioral health benefits to work, so that your recovery journey can begin without the worry of financial instability. From medical detox to residential inpatient to intensive outpatient, you can use your BCBS of Tennessee benefits to halt your slow descent into ruin and find a new way of life through long-lasting addiction recovery. All it takes is that initial phone call, and our trained staff members will immediately begin to explore your treatment options as a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee policy holder.

Why Does Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee Pay for Addiction Treatment?

Alcoholism was labeled as a disease by the American Medical Association in 1956, and 30 years later, addiction followed. As legitimate medical conditions, these illnesses gradually found their way into health insurance coverage policies, and in 2008, the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) was passed. The legislation required that companies offering behavioral health benefits do so on a par with medical coverage, and two years later, the Affordable Care Act — “Obamacare,” as it’s known — expanded the scope of behavioral health benefits to include substance abuse treatment. As a disease, addiction can’t be used as a pre-existing condition to deny care, and plans on the Health Insurance Marketplace are now required to cover at least a portion of addiction treatment. This means that providers like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee, which covers more than 106 million Americans through 36 affiliated companies, are required by law to apply the premiums of its policy holders toward addiction treatment services.

Why Use Your Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee Policy at Cornerstone?

Many substance abuse treatment providers accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, but to maximize the benefits you receive, it’s imperative to choose the right drug rehab to meet your needs. At Cornerstone of Recovery, we’ve been treating addicts and alcoholics from around the country for almost 30 years. We have treatment agreements for employees of five major railroads, four major airlines and a number of professional organizations, but our roots lie in offering anyone, regardless of vocation, a chance at a better way of life. Our comprehensive services range from medical detox to residential inpatient to intensive outpatient, and whether clients come to us for five days or 18 months, our mission is the same: to show them that a life without the slavery of chemical dependency is not only possible, but fulfilling.

Does My Particular Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee Policy Cover Treatment at Cornerstone?

Not all Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee plans are created equal, and determining the extent of coverage that your particular plan provides can be complicated. However, our trained Admissions counselors and Utilization Review staff members draw on years of experience in navigating the occasionally labyrinthine maze of insurance red tape to determine what your particular plan provides.

At Cornerstone of Recovery, we know all too well that the stress of seeking recovery from addiction is only compounded by the worry of how to pay for it. We don’t want that hanging over your head as you go through this process, so we go to great lengths to review your particular Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee policy to achieve the greatest amount of coverage it provides. We ask that you stop worrying and call us to begin that process. Call 865-685-4086 and begin a new way of life.

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