Suicide prevention awareness campaign #speakupsavelives19 set for Friday


It sounds innocuous enough — “deaths due to intentional self-harm” — but the statistics compiled by the website America’s Health Rankings, sponsored by the United Health Foundation, paint a grim picture: More and more Tennesseans are killing themselves each year. In 2018, according to the website [1], the numbers rose again over the previous year,…

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As deaths due to drugs, alcohol and suicide rise, TSPN prepares for much-needed new prevention funding

It’s a correlation long recognized by professionals in the suicide prevention and addiction treatment fields, but now there’s indisputable data: In 2017, deaths due to drugs, alcohol and suicide spiked to their highest levels ever recorded. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has collected that data since 1999, but two public health nonprofit organizations…

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#SpeakUpSaveLives2018: Suicide awareness campaign set for Friday

As the West Tennessee Regional Coordinator of the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network, Amy Dolinky wanted to make a change. A new arrival to the area’s rural environs from New Orleans, she was eager to acclimate to the culture while at the same time engage the local population in a conversation about a serious situation. Suicide…

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