Does Insurance Help Pay for Long-Term Addiction Treatment?

does insurance help pay for long-term addiction treatment

Does insurance help pay for long-term addiction treatment? No doubt, that’s a question many potential patients of Cornerstone of Recovery have. After all, financial obstacles are one of the biggest impediments toward alcoholics and addicts getting the help that they need. Consider the numbers: According to the 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health…

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What Does Long-Term Addiction Treatment Entail?

what does long-term addiction treatment entail?

What does long-term addiction treatment entail? If you have no frame of reference, but you suffer from addiction or alcoholism, you might think it’s similar to a jail sentence. It’s understandable; despite great strides that have been made in the past couple of decades, a great many people still view addiction as a moral failure.…

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Is Long-Term Drug and Alcohol Treatment the Best Option for You?

Is long-term drug and alcohol treatment the best option for you? We think so. After all, you’ve decided to get help for your addiction or alcoholism, and you’re feeling the flutter of something you haven’t in a long time: hope. The future, it seems, is a wide-open possibility. After shrouded for so long in a…

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