‘Tis the season: Five reasons to get clean and sober before the holidays

getting clean and sober before the holidays

While New Year’s Day is often considered the opportunity to make fresh starts and big changes, there are plenty of reasons to get clean and sober before the holidays arrive. The clock is ticking, obviously: November is already here, but retail stores around the country have had Christmas decorations on display since the summer. Some…

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Cancel Christmas? How to celebrate the season with an alcoholic

Ah, the holidays. For many of us, the expectations we have in our heads are lifted from iconic movies that paint bucolic pictures of snow-covered lanes, gaily decorated trees around which smiling families gather and solemn hearts lifting up the reason for the season in song. Those Norman Rockwell-esque scenes are lovely, but they never…

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HOW TO SAVE CHRISTMAS: Navigating the holidays with an addict you love

For many people, this is the most wonderful time of the year. To those who love an addict that’s still using, it’s also the darkest. While so many families are planning holiday gatherings, Christmas feasts and Yuletide festivities, those with a loved one addicted to drugs and alcohol are torn. The calendar says it’s December,…

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