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Posts Tagged ‘alcohol rehab’

Staying sober: Six tips to avoid living in fear of relapse

staying sober

Everyone who spends some time in a drug and alcohol treatment center faces a moment of truth after leaving: Will I be able to stay sober? The short answer is a simple one: Yes, if you want to stay sober. While relapse is certainly a concern — “there is evidence that approximately 90 percent of…

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Do I really need an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab program?

do I really need an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab program?

If you’re reading this wondering, “Do I really need an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab program,” it’s worth noting: Those who don’t, don’t spend their time reading blog posts by a drug and alcohol treatment center. No judgment. In fact, we’re glad you’re asking that question, and we’re glad you’ve found yourself here, because all…

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10 Reasons To Go To Drug Rehab

10 reasons to go to drug rehab

Let’s be frank: No one wakes up and thinks it’s a good day to go to drug rehab. The reluctance of going to rehab was even memorialized in a song: “Rehab,” by the late R&B singer Amy Winehouse, who crooned, “They tried to make me go to rehab, I said ‘no, no, no …” Just…

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What should you know before going to rehab or treatment?

The first step was the hardest, but now the panic has set in: What in the world, you may be wondering, have you gotten yourself into? Yes, addiction or alcoholism has virtually destroyed your life. Yes, you found the willingness to pick up the phone and call an addiction treatment center to ask for help.…

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