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Inpatient Alcoholism Treatment Near Ringgold & Dalton GA

Like most areas of the country, alcohol is a more problematic chemical in Northwest Georgia than any of the substances that generate most of the headlines these days.

In Georgia, 16.8 percent of adults in the state report binge or heavy drinking, and 22.4 percent of all motor vehicle deaths are alcohol-related. In Northwest Georgia, those numbers are reflected by various counties: In Catoosa County, home to Ringgold, 67 percent of motor vehicle deaths in 2017 were alcohol-related; in Dade County, that number was 50 percent; in Chatooga and Gordon counties, that number was 33 percent. In Whitefield County, home to Dalton, there were 173 first-time DUI arrests in 2018; in Catoosa, there were 121.

By and large, alcoholism — medically defined as Alcohol Use Disorder — is still the No. 1 affliction for those seeking treatment options throughout the country. Fortunately for residents of this particular corner of the state of Georgia, one of the best recovery centers in the nation is located two hours away, right outside of Knoxville, Tenn.

the first step to the rest of your life starts at cornerstone of recovery

At Cornerstone of Recovery, situated on 25 acres along the picturesque banks of the Little River, we've been treating alcoholics since our doors first opened in 1989. Cornerstone was founded, in fact, by a recovering alcoholic: William J. "Bill" Hood, who lost almost everything before finding sobriety himself in 1979. A decade later, he opened Cornerstone as a modest drug and alcohol rehab program with 18 beds and 22 staff members in a suburban strip mall.

Today, we occupy four buildings, have roughly 175 beds and more than 250 staff members, all of whom feel an allegiance to Bill's original vision: that anyone who suffers from addiction and alcoholism should have access to the best residential treatment program so that they can stop drinking, shed themselves of the obsession and compulsion to do so and build new lives

Inpatient Alcohol Drug Rehab

What In Involved In Addiction Treatment Programs?

At Cornerstone of Recovery, your journey begins as soon as you make that initial phone call. On the other end of the line, you'll be introduced to one of our compassionate and knowledgeable Admissions counselors who will gather your information and help you determine the best course of action to treat your affliction. We have a keen understanding of the nature of addiction and alcoholism, and we know full well the measure of guilt and shame you probably feel. Our goal is to help you set that aside so that you can get the help you need. We'll gather all pertinent information to get the Admissions process started, and once you arrive on campus, we'll get you admitted right away and over to Medical Detox.

There, you'll be monitored around the clock by our trained nursing staff members, who will keep you comfortable with a regimen of rest and detox medication while your body begins to purge itself from the alcohol you consume regularly. One of our holistic approaches to this process is known as AcuDetox, which uses acupuncture to relieve some of discomfort of the detox process and help the body rid itself of toxins. After a three- to five-day stay in Medical Detox, you'll then be assigned to one of our four primary addiction treatment programs:

Newcomers Residential Program

Newcomer's Residential Inpatient Treatment, which provides introductory education about the disease model of alcoholism and the process of sobriety as well as traditional therapy. Through peer support groups, one-on-one counseling and evidenced-based educational initiatives, we'll address some of the issues and traumas that may have played a role in your alcoholism, so that they don't present as impediments to your recovery.

Young Adult Residential

Young Adult Residential Inpatient Treatment, designed to engage the active bodies and minds of men ages 18 to 26. Many of these individuals start drinking and using before they've put together much, if any, real world experience, and to prepare them for that, we incorporate some vocational training as well as much-needed recovery therapy.

Recovery Renewal Program

Recovery Renewal Residential Inpatient Treatment, a more in-depth exploration of mental, psychological and emotional millstones that have kept those with prior treatment experience from sustaining long-term sobriety after rehab. It's a more intense examination of what we refer to as "life traps" — stumbling blocks that weren't addressed during previous attempts at alcoholism and addiction recovery — and ways to counteract them.

Women's Drug Rehab Program

Women's Only Residential Inpatient Treatment, which provides a nurturing environment for all of our female patients in which to process issues and traumas unique to their experiences. Through peer support and the leadership of female counselors, these patients form close bonds that sustain them long after they leave Cornerstone and return home as stronger, resilient and more independent women.


In addition, all patients will receive individual treatment plans that address their specific needs. Our mental health services address any co-occurring psychiatric conditions, and our family therapy programs bring loved ones into the recovery process to resolve tension and build support. Our Intensive Outpatient program is an extension of residential treatment, allowing those who take part an opportunity to live on campus in our Support Living community while attending additional classes and counseling sessions. Finally, our Aftercare program is designed to foster a sense of community among alumni, so that the recovery adage of "never alone, never again" is put into practical application by those who choose to be a part of that network.

Does Cornerstone Accept My Health Insurance?

"But wait," you might be thinking, "I can't afford this!" Actually, you might be surprised. Yes, we are a privately owned company, but we're also family owned, which means we still hold fast to the original vision of our founder: that recovery should be available to all. Our Admissions staff members will help you navigate potential financial pitfalls and financing hurdles, and by calling us, you may begin to realize potential sources of income you didn't realize were available to you. In addition, we accept most commercial and private health insurance plans, so if you have medical coverage, chances are good that those premiums also extend to behavioral health benefits that will pay for some, it not all, of your treatment expenses. Some of the plans with which we're in network include:

Rehab Center that takes aetna blue cross blue shield untied healthcare Humana Cigna

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal
Crescent Health Solutions

Empire Blue Cross
Health Alliance
HealthSmart: Benefit Solutions
Horizon Healthcare
Magellan Behavioral Health

Meritain Health
ValueOptions/Beacon Health Options

Keep in mind, that's not the complete list; you may have coverage through another plan that's not mentioned here, but that doesn't mean we don't take it. Your best bet is to pick up the phone, call now and let us begin to help you navigate the red tape. Health insurance can be a headache, but over our 30-year history, we've made it our job to do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on the thing that's most important: your pending sobriety.

What Happens Next?

There are, of course, facilities in Georgia that offer quality care, but when it comes to alcohol and substance abuse treatment, keep in mind that we're talking about your life. What is your life worth? A two-hour drive to one of the best facilities in the country doesn't seem unreasonable, especially given the full spectrum of care that we offer. We're not your only chance to get clean and sober, but we happen to believe we are your best chance ... and whatever you decide, picking up the phone and making that initial phone call is better than continuing to drink and use until you face consequences from which there's no return. We want to help, and we're waiting to do so. We hope you give us a call soon.

alcohol rehab ringgold dalton georgia

Why Consider Leaving Dalton or Ringgold For Treatment?

From traditional alcoholism and drug addiction treatment facilities to faith-based institutions to medication assisted treatment programs, there are a number of options to address your alcoholism in Northwest Georgia. If you're a resident of that part of the state, however, you'll still be faced with all of the triggers and problems associated with your drinking. By leaving your community to come to Cornerstone, you can put those things on "hold" while you become stronger and better equipped to handle them, so that when you return to Georgia, you'll do so with your head held high and the knowledge that whatever transpires, you don't have to cope with alcohol.

Cornerstone is an oasis of serenity for those whose worlds are often chaotic and stressful. Leaving town for alcohol treatment doesn't mean you're giving up or relinquishing your responsibilities; it just means you're choosing the best possible option to get sober and stay that way. Here in East Tennessee, free of outside influences and distractions, you can address the issues of your past and present so that they don't occupy all of your future.

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