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Private Pay Options For Alcohol & Drug Rehab

If you don’t have a private or commercial health insurance plan to help cover the costs of treatment here at Cornerstone of Recovery, there are affordable options available for you to get the help you or a loved one needs to overcome addiction or alcoholism.

It's difficult, we understand, to determine whether the price of such treatment is “worth” it, especially if you’ve paid for treatment in the past that hasn’t had the desired results. Know this: At Cornerstone of Recovery, the treatment we provide can work for anyone … providing they’re willing to implement the tools we provide them into their lives.

Those tools are many, and they can range from a 3- to 5-day stay in our Medical Detox program, all the way up to a robust three-month comprehensive treatment package that includes 30 days of residential inpatient treatment, combined with 60 days of intensive outpatient treatment and residence in our Sober Living community.

Private pay rates for Cornerstone of Recovery services are as follows:

  • Detox only: $6,000
  • 30 days of residential treatment (including detox): $31,000
  • Intensive Outpatient from home: $16,000
  • 45 days of residential treatment (including detox): $40,250
  • 90 days of residential treatment (30 days of inpatient, 60 days of outpatient), plus off campus housing: $49,000
  • 90 days of residential treatment plus on campus housing: $56,000

Please note: There are multiple ways of meeting these costs that don’t require you to go into great financial debt. We realize that, as there is with any major medical service, “sticker shock” might make you feel discouraged and disheartened. It shouldn’t.

First, consider what these costs get you or your loved one: Medical detoxification, including room and board, meals, medical supervision and the medications necessary to slowly, safely and comfortably wean you off of alcohol and drugs. Thirty days in a semi-private room with three meals a day, plus counseling, therapy, access to psychiatric services for dual diagnosis treatment of co-occurring mental health issues like depression and much, much more. All of our services combined are modestly priced, and Cornerstone of Recovery’s private pay rates are comparable, if not cheaper, than many treatment centers across the country.

But more importantly, all of these services are ultimately buying one thing: A new way to live. Alcohol and drugs strip individuals of everything — jobs, families, careers, and even lives, and recovery from those substances involves so much more than stopping the use of them. Recovery, as we’ve been providing it for more than 30 years to thousands of recovering addicts and alcoholics, is about learning, in a relatively short period of time, a way to deal with trauma … address unresolved issues … find new coping skills … develop new attitudes and habits … and prepare to handle life’s challenges without resorting to substances in order to cope.

We understand, however, that in many cases, financial resources are limited. In those situations, we are happy to arrange payment plans for patients and their family members. We have several options ranging from 12- to 24- to 36-month plans, tailored to meet your individual needs and abilities to pay.

In these turbulent economic times, we understand that another monthly bill can be challenging, to say the least. Given the turmoil that addiction causes in the lives of those afflicted as well as their loved ones, monthly payments for treatment may seem unreasonable, or even outrageous. If you’re feeling reluctant to make such arrangements, know this: Addicts and alcoholics aren’t bad people trying to become good; they’re sick people who need to get well, and at Cornerstone of Recovery, it’s been our mission for almost three decades to help them do that.

We can’t promise you a 100 percent success rate, but we can promise you that we’ll provide the best treatment you’ll find. The commodity we provide is hope — including the hope that by considering any and all means of saving your life or the life of someone you love, we can work together to examine financial alternatives in order to get you the help that you need.

If you would like to discuss financial options, please contact Nichole Pfohl, director of business development, at 865-466-5557.

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