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Motivational Musings

If you keep up with news headlines and are actively involved in social media, you may have noticed that hope seems hard to come by these days. The world often seems to be a cold and uncaring place … but that’s an illusion. Sometimes, we just have to look deeper for the beauty and wonder that life gives us. In recovery, addicts and alcoholics are taught to embrace gratitude, and so every Friday, Cornerstone writer Steve Wildsmith shares his thoughts on everything from current events to the minutiae of life as guided by the principles of the program. It’s a weekly dose of inspiration we call Motivational Musings.

MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: Addiction stole from us; now we’re stealing back

By Steve Wildsmith | November 8, 2019

I took a sick day this week, and I didn’t like it. Some of that, of course, had to do with feeling lousy. It’s just a head cold, and I’m on the back end of it now, but it came with the usual crud: sinuses filled with green cement, body aches, chills, the whole shebang.…

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MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: Random acts of kindness go a long way

By Steve Wildsmith | November 1, 2019

Ever have one of those moments where someone from your past crosses your mind unbidden? It happens to me a lot, and often, they’re people I would regard as passing acquaintances or casual friends. I suppose that means those to whom I’m closest are never far from my thoughts, but maybe it’s just a sign…

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Cornerstone family

MEET THE CORNERSTONE FAMILY: Chris Rowe, volunteer coordinator and recovery coach

By Steve Wildsmith | October 25, 2019

A note from Steve Wildsmith, Motivational Musings writer … A few months ago, Cornerstone CEO Steve McGrew asked for some thoughts on giving everyone an opportunity to know Cornerstone of Recovery a little better — specifically, the people. We pride ourselves on the fact that our most important commodity is the people — those we…

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MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: Reflections on a son turning 14

By Steve Wildsmith | October 18, 2019

I started writing letters to my oldest son before he was even born, little missives of hope and ponderances on impending fatherhood and reflections on my own frailties. I published them in the newspaper I used to work for, and “Letters to Ezra” became something that readers enjoyed. I don’t claim to be Mike Brady…

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MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: Find ‘Something to Love,’ and let it bring you joy

By Steve Wildsmith | October 11, 2019

What brings you joy? I found myself thinking about that this week, after profiling Intensive Outpatient counselor Amy Sawyer, who was recently named to the State of Tennessee’s Faces of Opioids campaign. Amy and I are Facebook pals, and one thing I’ve admired is seeing how she’s embraced the things that spark light in her…

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MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: Taking the time to be present

By Steve Wildsmith | October 4, 2019

One of the most life-changing and life-affirming suggestions my first sponsor ever gave to me was simple in theory, yet difficult to put into practice: Get out of your own head. Be present. Take notice of the wider world around you, and be open to meeting those traversing this earthly existence alongside you. I’m still…

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MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: A song for a beloved member of the recovery community

By Steve Wildsmith | September 25, 2019

In the theater of my mind, the place where scenes built from my reality are assembled, there is a circle of my people. We link arms and hold hands, in much the same way we do at the close of 12 Step meetings. It is a vast shape, with those I love dearest standing beside…

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MOTIVATIONAL (guest) MUSINGS: Patient-turned-counselor reflects on 30 years of blessings

By Steve Wildsmith | September 20, 2019

NOTE FROM STEVE: Cornerstone of Recovery has always been something of a family; those of you in attendance at tonight’s anniversary party will hear from the son of the guy that started this company, and if you follow our website blog, you’ll find numerous pieces that have touched on the history of this place, and just…

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Everything we face in addiction recovery is really a First World problem

By Steve Wildsmith | September 13, 2019

Craving Mexican, my Internet Marketing Department partner Jack and I took a drive down Pellissippi Parkway to hit up Soccer Taco on Northshore Drive in West Knoxville. Waiting for the delivery of our lunch entrees and munching on deep-fried tortilla wedges dunked in salsa, Jack remarked, “You know what I hate? When you bite in…

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Cornerstone alum cooks up barbecue with a side of recovery

By Steve Wildsmith | September 6, 2019

John Caddell of Johnboy’s BBQ at the 2018 Mountain Laurel Festival. Less than two years ago, John Caddell walked through the doors of Cornerstone of Recovery as a broken man. He’d lost nearly everything, he says, save for a job at the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and his side hustle, a…

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MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: Peace of mind the best birthday gift one could ask for

By Steve Wildsmith | August 16, 2019

You know, I’m not quite sure how I feel about turning 48 today. That’s right; yours truly hits the big 4-8 today. I’m taking the day off, but feel free to send greetings, presents and cash to my office up in the Polly Bales building. Seriously, though — I’m trying to come up with something…

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MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: As a wise Jedi Master once said, ‘Do, or do not: There is no try’

By Steve Wildsmith | August 9, 2019

A wise sage once told us, “Do, or do not: There is no try.” He may have been a fictional character, but Yoda’s words in “The Empire Strikes Back” are powerfully resonant when it comes to recovery, and to life itself. Think about it: How often do we say, “I’ll try?” “Are you going to…

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