Motivational Musings

If you keep up with news headlines and are actively involved in social media, you may have noticed that hope seems hard to come by these days. The world often seems to be a cold and uncaring place … but that’s an illusion. Sometimes, we just have to look deeper for the beauty and wonder that life gives us. In recovery, addicts and alcoholics are taught to embrace gratitude, and so every Friday, Cornerstone writer Steve Wildsmith shares his thoughts on everything from current events to the minutiae of life as guided by the principles of the program. It’s a weekly dose of inspiration we call Motivational Musings.

MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: How does your garden grow?

By Steve Wildsmith | September 18, 2020

As spring dawns, the garden patch in my backyard is a blank slate of potential. In my head, I envision a carefully sculpted and manicured garden that’s magazine worthy in its orderly design. From the freshly turned earth, I set out to make it such, planting in rows that are arrow straight, carefully erecting cattle…

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MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: ‘A Little Joy’ goes a long way in these trying times

By Steve Wildsmith | August 7, 2020

“There’s little joy to be found in this harsh world/ but there’s joy to be found / a little joy to be found in this harsh world / but who are we to turn it down?” — William Russell Wallace It’s 8:50 a.m. on Friday morning as I write this, because I’m just now finding…

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MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: Remembering the late John Prine’s interpretation of Jesus

By Steve Wildsmith | April 10, 2020

Ever since the news broke that John Prine died of coronavirus complications, I can’t stop listening to this song. It’s the title track to his 1991 record, which was how I first discovered him. I had probably heard of John Prine when I came out of college in the early 1990s, but it wasn’t until…

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MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: Learning to keep the lantern of hope lit

By Steve Wildsmith | April 3, 2020

Hope, I think, is a vastly underrated commodity. We feel it and don’t recognize it. We believe in it but don’t acknowledge it. We depend on it but take it for granted. It gives us comfort in the dark of night, and the strength to go on when we feel we have no more left…

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MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: Holding on to hope in uncertain times

By Steve Wildsmith | March 19, 2020

As the cascade of coronavirus news continues to wash over me like white caps on a storm-tossed ocean, I don’t know what to feel. Watching the news out of Seattle … out of California … out of Italy … it feels like we’re all in lifeboats floating away from a rapidly sinking vessel, but instead…

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MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: Relying on the ‘Old Machine’ for a little solace

By Steve Wildsmith | March 12, 2020

Everybody’s losing their minds about the Coronavirus, and I’m over here thinking about this old wheelbarrow. I don’t mean to downplay any alarm over COVID-19. Clearly, it’s causing a good deal of concern here at Cornerstone of Recovery and Stepping Stone to Recovery, and for good reason. After all, we look at what’s going on…

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MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: Here at Cornerstone, we’re in it for ‘The Long Haul’

By Steve Wildsmith | March 6, 2020

“The hardest part of starting over, is admitting to yourself that something has come to an end …” I don’t know how I stumbled into this job sometimes, but I sure am grateful I did. I knew what this place can do, but I don’t think I truly understood the magnitude of the work until…

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MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: Finding the purpose that recovery promises

By Steve Wildsmith | February 21, 2020

The rain was slowly transitioning on Thursday morning as we finished up spiritual, arms around each other as we recited the Serenity Prayer. By this point, even the new guy recites it with the certainty of memory and the fervency of belief. He’s struggling to stay in the moment, the scurrying rats of niggling insurance…

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MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: Staying ahead of the ‘Wolves’ that make up the fear of change

By Steve Wildsmith | February 14, 2020

The older I get, the more I don’t like change. I’m sure it’s rooted in a character defect, but I suspect it also has to do with getting older. There are more years behind me than there are in front — I suppose I could live to 98, but I’m not sure I want to…

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MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: Learning to take the waves of life as they come

By Steve Wildsmith | January 31, 2020

Maybe it’s because this week’s cold days and gray skies have me longing for summers on the sand, but I’ve been thinking a lot about the ocean this week. Specifically, about surfing. I’ve never been and probably couldn’t do it even if I tried, but it looks like a sport that’s breathtaking, if you’re a…

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MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: Choosing the better angels of our nature for 2020

By Steve Wildsmith | January 10, 2020

Hey all. I took some vacation time over the holidays, so I apologize for the radio silence last Friday. But even though we’re 10 days into 2020, and it seems little has changed. The world seems to be on the precipice of disaster, and we’re digging in our heels on every issue under the sun.…

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MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: Hope — for the holidays and any day — makes the best gift

By Steve Wildsmith | December 19, 2019

The greatest gift I ever received is the one of hope. It’s an intangible gift; one that can’t be wrapped or torn into on Christmas morning. It’s not fancy or ornate; it has no electronic bells and whistles; it doesn’t entertain for hours on end or provide Internet access or any of the other things…

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