Fitness Therapy

Fitness Therapy Program

Fitness Therapy is an integral part of the recovery process at Cornerstone of Recovery. As part of our whole-person approach to treatment, we believe that the rehabilitation of the body should be on equal footing with the rehabilitation of the mind and spirit. Patients will take part in fitness therapy three to four times a week, but while attendance is mandatory, this isn’t boot camp. You won’t be expected to do anything beyond the scope of your capabilities, and we recognize that many of our patients come to us in deteriorated health and physical conditions. Exercise releases natural endorphins that addiction depletes, however, and many patients discover that even the smallest success in our state-of-the-art Fitness Center are some of the first moments of pride they feel in the recovery process.

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Alternative Therapies

As part of treatment at Cornerstone of Recovery, a number of alternative therapies are offered to help patients at various stages of the process. During Medical Detox, those who wish can sign up for AcuDetox sessions by a trained acupuncturist, who administers a five-point ear protocol that can ease withdrawal and enhance the recovery process. Those with chronic pain issues or injuries are referred to Susan Maxwell, a holistic therapist on staff who specializes in both acupressure (which works in the same manner as acupuncture, except that needles are substituted for human touch along one of 365 points along the human body that activate the brain) and reiki (a form of energy medicine derived from a combination of Japanese words that mean “spiritually guided life force energy”). To the uninitiated, these may seem to be unorthodox endeavors, but under Susan’s guidance, they’ve helped alleviate the discomfort of many of our patients.

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