Arrival Overview For Driving

You’re ready to go. Congratulations on making a decision that might just change the course of your life. No matter what you’re feeling right now, just know that all of the fear and confusion and guilt and shame and self-loathing you’re feeling right now can be left outside the doorstep of Cornerstone of Recovery once you arrive. Speaking of, let’s get you here. The address and phone number for Cornerstone is:

4726 Airport Highway

Louisville, TN 37777


Cornerstone of Recovery

So how should you prepare for your stay?

Simply put, pack the amount of clothes and toiletries you would for a week in a motel. Your stay will obviously be longer than that, but because of the limited size of your accommodations, your closets and drawers won’t hold much more. Besides, we have laundry facilities on campus, and you’ll have access to washers and dryers while you’re here. (They’re free to use, by the way.) We suggest a variety of clothes, from jeans to sweat pants to khakis to walking shorts, with athletic shoes or comfortable footwear, whatever undergarments are most comfortable and appropriate sleepwear. Some basic clothing guidelines:

  • All clothing must have hems and sleeves
  • Clothing must NOT display drug references, alcohol advertisements or sexual/lewd innuendo.
  • Likewise, “short shorts,” cut-off shirts or shorts are not permitted.
  • All clothing should be packed in one piece of luggage.
  • We do supply laundry detergent and bath soap, but you may bring a particular brand that meets your personal needs. Don’t forget items such as shampoo, toothpaste, a tooth brush, shaving items, deodorant, etc., but if you forget, don’t stress — we have a market on campus that sells many of these items.
  • Items containing alcohol — mouthwash, cologne, certain hair products — are not allowed. Please check the ingredient label before packing these items to make certain they’re alcohol-free.
  • It should go without saying, but no knives or weapons of any kind will be allowed.
  • Headphones, earbuds and other personal listening devices are not allowed.
  • Your phone may be your lifeline on the outside, but in treatment, we want you free from distractions. While here, you won’t have access to your personal phone, although there are phones in common areas of the residence hall so that you can keep in touch with loved ones.
  • Leave books and magazines at home; we’ll be providing you with plenty of recovery-related reading material.
  • Likewise, no outside food or drinks are permitted. You’ll receive three (good!) meals per day while in our care, and there’s a market on campus where you can purchase drinks and/or snacks.
  • We ask that you not bring expensive jewelry and/or large amounts of cash, as we’re not liable for their loss or theft. The only out-of-pocket expenses you may incur will be for snacks, tobacco products, incidentals or independent medical services.


For that reason, please bring or provide a debit card or credit card with you; it’s our policy to ask for a credit/debit card deposit to keep on file for you in order to help cover medical copays or non-treatment-related medications while here at Cornerstone. You may also want to bring a small amount of cash to purchase incidentals at the Cornerstone Market.


Other items you may want to pack: hair dryers, a brush or comb, a small clock radio, a jacket or sweater to wear indoors and an extra pillow.


If you smoke, cigarettes and smokeless tobacco are both allowed in certain designated areas on campus, and we suggest you purchase a carton/sleeve ahead of time to save money. (Purchasing these items at a convenience store is more expensive.) If you vape, please know that e-cigarettes and vaporizers are allowed ONLY if they are pre-loaded and sealed; refillable vapes/e-cigarettes are not allowed.


We understand you’ll want and likely need your cell phone while traveling, but after your admission, it will be placed in a locker for the duration of your stay and will be returned to you when you leave. The treatment process — for you and for your peers — is the entire reason for your stay with us, and we want you and those around you to be distracted as little as possible. For that reason, you might want to write down on paper whatever phone numbers you’ll want to call while you’re here. (You will be allowed to use the phone after the detox process.)


If you are on prescription medication, please bring all of them with you, as we do not supply personal medication, and insurance may not pay for a refill once you arrive. Over-the-counter medications, unless directed and documented by your physician, should be left at home. Please understand that all of your medication, including dietary supplements, will be given to the Cornerstone nursing staff for examination.


Speaking of examination, the health and safety of the treatment community — from your peers to the staff members who serve you — is our No. 1 priority. To ensure that, all luggage goes through an extensive screening process that may take several hours. For that reason, we request that you pack a single change of clothes, a set of night clothes and the toiletries you’ll need for one night in a separate compartment of your suitcase, so that you have something to change into after you arrive, while your luggage is being screened. During the Assessment and Orientation process, our clinical staff will run that clothing through one of our dryers as part of the screening process to detect any hidden contraband or foreign substances. Please don’t take this as a personal insult; it truly is for the safety and well-being of everyone, and as soon as those items are ready, we’ll return them to you, and the rest of your luggage will follow soon after.


Oh, and one more thing: Please bring your driver’s license or other identification, as well as your health insurance card, if you have one. If you have any questions about these guidelines, feel free to contact us, but please note: corresponding via unsecured email is not without risk to patient privacy.

If you choose to reply to any electronic correspondence with any Cornerstone staff members via routine unsecured internet routes, you are agreeing to an acceptance of this risk.


We look forward to your arrival. You’ve come to the end of a long and hard road, but know this: You don’t have to walk the rest of the way alone. We’ve got you, and we’ll help you get back on your feet in ways you can’t begin to imagine at this stage of your journey. We’ll see you soon.