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Discovering the East Tennessee ties to the definition of insanity

definition of insanity

Call it a cliché, an old saw, a euphemism or a witticism, it’s still applicable in describing addiction and alcoholism: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Around the rooms of recovery, it’s most commonly heard in the 12 Step program Narcotics Anonymous. In the Basic…

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Staying sober: Six tips to avoid living in fear of relapse

staying sober

Everyone who spends some time in a drug and alcohol treatment center faces a moment of truth after leaving: Will I be able to stay sober? The short answer is a simple one: Yes, if you want to stay sober. While relapse is certainly a concern — “there is evidence that approximately 90 percent of…

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How to talk to your college student about drugs and alcohol

We’re in the second half of summer, and across the country, college campuses are preparing to open their doors for an influx of new students. And as they ready themselves to send their teens off to get a higher education, many parents may be wondering how to talk to their college students about drugs and…

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Living in recovery: Eight suggestions to strengthen your post-rehab journey

You’ve got 30 days of addiction treatment under your belt, you’re riding that “pink cloud” and you’re prepared, you believe, for anything that comes your way while you’re living in recovery. Hold up. Not to burst your bubble, but treatment isn’t “recovery.” Treatment is discovery — an introduction to the recovery process. Recovery 101. Sobriety…

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Ten excuses for not going to drug or alcohol rehab and why they’re weak

They won’t leave you alone, will they? Ever since family members have discovered that you use drugs, they keep bringing up that word: Rehab. “You need to go to rehab,” dad says. “Have you thought about one of those drug rehab places?” grandma suggests. Even your friends may become part of the chorus: “Maybe you…

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10 Reasons To Go To Drug Rehab

10 reasons to go to drug rehab

Let’s be frank: No one wakes up and thinks it’s a good day to go to drug rehab. The reluctance of going to rehab was even memorialized in a song: “Rehab,” by the late R&B singer Amy Winehouse, who crooned, “They tried to make me go to rehab, I said ‘no, no, no …” Just…

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Cornerstone and veterans: meeting the recovery needs of our nation’s heroes

When Rod Jackson first came to work at Cornerstone of Recovery in 2010, he noticed a curious anomaly in the institution’s record-keeping process. Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces were receiving treatment at Cornerstone, but they weren’t being fully documented. By 2012, Jackson — who now serves as the program director at Cornerstone’s sister facility,…

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