Special report: In the face of COVID-19, East Tennessee’s treatment providers struggle to strike a balance between personal and professional recovery

addiction treatment and COVID-19

Like a thief under cover of darkness, COVID-19 has stolen from the East Tennessee addiction recovery community. At the same time it has decimated the population at large, claiming more than 170,000 American lives and infecting more than 5 million people in this country, it’s laid waste to the ties that bind those in recovery…

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H.A.L.T.! In the name of your recovery, and hit the reset button


There’s an acronym recovering addicts hear early on: H.A.L.T. It stands for “Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired.” It’s a warning sign, our peers and predecessors tell us, that we need to watch out for. Addicts, especially those early in recovery, aren’t known for their stellar decision-making abilities. And when those abilities are hindered by hunger,…

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Alcohol Awareness Month: Troubling statistics and helpful resources

Alcohol Awareness Month

April is Alcohol Awareness Month, which makes it as good a time as any to take a sobering look (pun definitely intended) at the problems associated with booze and what can be done about them. It’s important to point out, as the National Institute on Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse does [1], that “most adults in…

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Mind your recovery: Relapse prevention tips during the coronavirus

relapse prevention tips during the coronavirus

Relapse prevention tips during the coronavirus are more important than ever for members of the addiction recovery community, according to experts in the treatment field. Because of COVID-19, thousands of recovery meetings around the world have been impacted. And while many recovery programs have moved to the digital space where online meetings are being held…

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What are the signs someone is addicted to fentanyl?

signs someone is addicted to fentanyl

In determining the signs someone is addicted to fentanyl, it’s best to start from ground zero: What exactly is this drug that gets so much media attention, and why in the world would anyone who has a problem with drugs actively pursue the use of a substance that’s so deadly? Because make no mistake: It’s…

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Season of sickness! Dealing with illness while in recovery from addiction

dealing with illness while in recovery from addiction

Dealing with illness while in recovery from addiction is no picnic, especially for newly sober individuals whose memories of using and drinking to numb and escape are still vivid. In fact, the onset of cold- and flu-like symptoms is enough to trigger flashbacks to those in recovery from addiction, particularly individuals whose drugs of choice…

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Al-Anon: A recovery program for family members to focus on themselves


For loved ones of addicts and alcoholics, the chaos of addiction and alcoholism is sometimes replaced by the uncertainty of sobriety, and that’s where Al-Anon can help. Yes, their spouses, sons, daughters or parents have gotten help for their affliction. They may have spent 30 days at a residential treatment facility like Cornerstone of Recovery.…

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