Erin go Bragh! Tips for celebrating a sober St. Patrick’s Day in recovery

sober St. Patrick's Day

If you’re looking for a foolproof way to spend a sober St. Patrick’s Day, there’s a simple solution: Just don’t drink. It’s understandable however that when you’re newly sober that’s easier said than done, especially when days like March 17 can be triggering because you’ve always spent them with a drink in hand. Of course…

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Addiction and Black History Month: Past, present and future challenges

addiction and Black History Month

Addiction and Black History Month aren’t exactly synonymous, but in a month set aside to “recognize the importance of Black history in the drama of the American story,” [1] it’s a worthy endeavor to examine the ways in which African-Americans have been plagued by addiction, influenced recovery and address the ongoing drug epidemic. There are,…

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Living sober: Are romantic relationships in early recovery a good idea?

romantic relationships in early recovery

Valentine’s Day brings with it thoughts of love, but for those involved in romantic relationships in early recovery, such love can be a sobriety hazard. There’s a reason, after all, that drug and alcohol treatment programs, both of the professional and self-help variety, warn against romantic relationships in early recovery. And for those navigating those…

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Cornerstone’s Howard Bowlin reflects on (almost!) 41 years of sobriety

Howard Bowlin

The final six months of 1979 were some of the darkest of Howard Bowlin’s life. Today, the spiritual advisor, military veteran and retired Episcopal priest recalls them with the stoicism of a man who’s spent 40 years working a one-day-at-a-time program of acceptance and change. At Cornerstone of Recovery, the drug and alcohol treatment center…

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Financial guru Jeff Sekinger discovers a new way of life through recovery

Jeff Sekinger

It’s a week before Christmas, and financial guru Jeff Sekinger marvels at how much has changed over the past three years. Now: He awakens in his Miami condo overlooking the water, spends a few minutes meditating outside on his balcony, checks the financial reports and gets to work on his two businesses — Zero Percent,…

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‘Tis the season for perseverance: Why are the holidays so hard?

why are the holidays so hard

It’s supposed to be a time of peace, joy and good will, but far too often, we find ourselves asking, “Why are the holidays so hard?” To be clear, a lot of people feel this way, and for good reason: “The holidays often present a dizzying array of demands — cooking meals, shopping, baking, cleaning…

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Tips on avoiding COVID fatigue and staying sober during the coronavirus

staying sober during the coronavirus

Staying sober during the coronavirus has been a challenge for eight months now, and while news of a possible vaccine development is cause for hope, we’re all so very tired. And for those of us in recovery from addiction or alcoholism, that can be dangerous territory. To be fair, it can be dangerous territory for…

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So you’ve been clean and sober, but you’ve relapsed. What now?

you've relapsed. what now?

So you’ve relapsed. What now? Few things are more demoralizing for those in recovery from addiction or alcoholism than a relapse. Call it what you will: a slip or a stumble … going back out, falling off the wagon, picking back up … it all amounts to the same thing: You’ve re-introduced drugs or alcohol…

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SOBRIETY 101: How do spirituality and addiction recovery work together?

spirituality and addiction recovery

Few components of drug and alcohol treatment are more misunderstood than spirituality and addiction recovery. Many 12 Step recovery programs go to great lengths to promote themselves as “spiritual, not religious” in nature — but many individuals, especially those new to the recovery process, conflate the two. In addition, critics of the 12 Step process…

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