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MEET THE CORNERSTONE FAMILY: Kimberly Bonta, Director of Ohio operations

Cornerstone family

EDITOR’S NOTE: It may seem odd to spotlight an employee on her last day with the company, but Kimberly Bonta’s work with Cornerstone of Recovery Ohio has been invaluable. She has been, and always will be, family, and while the Ohio operations are shuttered after this week, her legacy with this company will live on, and…

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Happy Thanksgiving: A reflection on gratitude, from the Cornerstone family

Cornerstone Thanksgiving

Gratitude is an ephemeral emotion that ebbs and flows like tides on a sand-scoured beach. As an organization that employs and treats addicts and alcoholics, we understand keenly just how important it is to maintain an “attitude of gratitude.” By the same token, we also know that there are moments when it’s in short supply.…

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Fitness therapy and addiction recovery: A proven combination of success

fitness therapy and addiction recovery

On the surface, a gym on the campus of a drug and alcohol treatment facility might seem an odd addition. With a little prodding, however, most people reach that a-ha moment fairly quickly: Of course fitness therapy for addiction recovery is an ideal tool for struggling patients. After all, addiction and exercise affect the same…

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Schema therapy: Helping misplaced mental ‘index cards’ find a new home

Schema therapy

It’s not a word that’s used in casual parlance, nor does it roll easy off the tongue, but Schema therapy has a valuable place alongside other modalities of psychological treatment for a number of behavioral disorders. Pronounced “SKEE-muh,” it’s a form of psychotherapy pioneered by Dr. Jeffrey Young in the 1980s, but its roots date…

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A Christmas miracle? How to get addicts and alcoholics help for the holidays

get addicts and alcoholics help for the holidays

Your holiday plans are under way, but there’s an X factor involved that threatens to throw everything into chaos: A loved one with a drug or alcohol problem. This deep into November, those plans are coming into focus. Perhaps you’ve dragged the storage bins of Christmas decorations out of the attic. You’ve planned your Thanksgiving…

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APEX therapy: A form of treatment at the crossroads of recovery and vocation

APEX therapy

APEX therapy may not provide direct answers when recovering addicts and alcoholics question their newly sober identities, but it can provide some clues. Once the drugs and alcohol are stripped away in addiction treatment, patients often face something of an existential crisis. “Who am I,” they wonder, “if I’m not an addict or an alcoholic?”…

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Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT): A middle path through extremes

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Patients who make the best candidates for Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) are often trapped in the yin-yang pull of binary thinking. Their brains slingshot back and forth between two areas of thought: The idea that stressful emotions surrounding negative events is a way of life that must be accepted, and the overwhelming desire to change…

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Discovering the East Tennessee ties to the definition of insanity

definition of insanity

Call it a cliché, an old saw, a euphemism or a witticism, it’s still applicable in describing addiction and alcoholism: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Around the rooms of recovery, it’s most commonly heard in the 12 Step program Narcotics Anonymous. In the Basic…

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