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recovery inspiration

MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: We’ve got plenty to be thankful for

We talk a lot about gratitude around here, and for good reason — it’s one of the building blocks of a successful recovery program. There’s a saying in recovery that “a grateful addict will never use,” but I personally believe that gratitude is an essential hearth stone for everyone. Life often feels like it’s dialed…

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MEET THE CORNERSTONE FAMILY: Nathan Blanton, Director of Nursing

Cornerstone family

EDITOR’S NOTE: A few months ago, Cornerstone of Recovery CEO Steve McGrew asked for some thoughts on giving everyone an opportunity to know the organization a little better — specifically, the people. When a company offers a commodity as nebulous as hope and a new way to live, the most valuable resource we have to…

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MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: Random acts of kindness go a long way

Ever have one of those moments where someone from your past crosses your mind unbidden? It happens to me a lot, and often, they’re people I would regard as passing acquaintances or casual friends. I suppose that means those to whom I’m closest are never far from my thoughts, but maybe it’s just a sign…

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MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: Reflections on a son turning 14

I started writing letters to my oldest son before he was even born, little missives of hope and ponderances on impending fatherhood and reflections on my own frailties. I published them in the newspaper I used to work for, and “Letters to Ezra” became something that readers enjoyed. I don’t claim to be Mike Brady…

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MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: Find ‘Something to Love,’ and let it bring you joy

What brings you joy? I found myself thinking about that this week, after profiling Intensive Outpatient counselor Amy Sawyer, who was recently named to the State of Tennessee’s Faces of Opioids campaign. Amy and I are Facebook pals, and one thing I’ve admired is seeing how she’s embraced the things that spark light in her…

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MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: Taking the time to be present

One of the most life-changing and life-affirming suggestions my first sponsor ever gave to me was simple in theory, yet difficult to put into practice: Get out of your own head. Be present. Take notice of the wider world around you, and be open to meeting those traversing this earthly existence alongside you. I’m still…

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