College students and weed: Is marijuana a party favor or a problem?

college students and weed

Kegs are canceled, blazing up is in: Marijuana is more popular than ever at institutions of higher learning, with college students and weed becoming a much-scrutinized public health concern. To be fair, the college drinking culture hasn’t necessarily been replaced as much as it’s made room for cannabis. As the data website Statista reports [1],…

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How to detox from alcohol? Preferably under medical supervision

how to detox from alcohol

You’re acknowledged that your drinking problem has gotten out of control, to the point that you’re suffering from acute withdrawal symptoms whenever you go for prolonged periods without it. Now you’re wondering how to detox from alcohol. Before we go any further, and this is important: detoxing from alcohol on your own is risky. We’ll…

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Time for treatment: What does alcohol rehab consist of?

what does alcohol rehab consist of

You’ve tried any number of ways to get a handle on your drinking problem, none of them effective, and now you’re considering another approach: treatment. But, you’re now wondering, what does alcohol rehab consist of? It’s a legitimate question, considering the often mercurial nature of drug and alcohol treatment. After all, it’s a process most…

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Refreshment or relapse: Can alcoholics drink nonalcoholic beer?

can alcoholics drink nonalcoholic beer

Can alcoholics drink nonalcoholic beer? It’s a fair question, especially in the heat of summer, when a sweaty job of mowing the grass is often followed by the thought, “a cold beer would be nice right now.” And despite the trappings of alcoholic consumption — namely, to drink as much as possible, as quickly as…

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Drug rehab terminology: What is residential addiction treatment?

what is residential addiction treatment

When it comes to drug and alcohol rehab, there are a number of different terms that can be confusing. For example, what is residential addiction treatment? How does it differ from outpatient treatment? What is intensive outpatient treatment? It’s enough to make those who need help for a drinking or drug problem paralyzed by indecision,…

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What is alcohol rehab like? How treatment can help your drinking problem

what is alcohol rehab like

What is alcohol rehab like? That’s a question a great many first-time treatment seekers ask, because the process often seems shrouded in mystery. It’s not, of course, but because it involves something as mercurial as alcoholism, it often seems like a much more complex process than checking into a hospital for a simple medical procedure…

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‘Will rehab help me?’ The burning treatment consideration question

will rehab help me

By the time an individual with a drinking or drug problem reaches the point of willingness to call a treatment center, they only have a single question they’re begging to be answered: “Will rehab help me?” Most of the time, these individuals are desperate, frightened and feeling hopeless. Their relationships have deteriorated, their jobs are…

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What do you do if an alcoholic refuses to go to rehab?

alcoholic refuses to go to rehab

If you’re the loved one of someone with a drinking problem who wants to intervene, you’re probably already considering the worst-case scenario: What do you do if an alcoholic refuses to go to rehab? It’s a valid concern, as the 2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicates: “Among the 18.9 million people aged…

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Finding addiction treatment: Where are the best drug rehab centers located?

where are the best drug rehab centers

Plenty of folks who recognize they need help find themselves asking, “where are the best drug rehab centers?” as they begin their journey toward sobriety. After all, if you’re suffering from an illness, you want to know who the best doctor is that can treat your particular condition, and addiction and alcoholism are no different.…

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