Rehab concerns: How effective is alcoholism treatment?

how effective is alcoholism treatment

For family members of those who have a drinking problem, or even individuals considering alcohol rehab, it’s only natural to wonder: How effective is alcoholism treatment? Loosely translated, what all loved ones and those who suffer want to know is: Will rehab “cure” the problem? It’s a fair question, because on the surface, addiction and…

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Five reasons why an addict won’t get help for a drug problem

reasons why an addict won't get help

There are a number of reasons why an addict won’t get help for a drug problem, but they usually come down to one thing: fear. For the uninitiated, that may seem ridiculous: After all, addicts put themselves in situations that threaten their physical health and well-being all the time. Overdose, for example, is always a…

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What does it mean to leave rehab against medical advice?

leave rehab against medical advice

If you’ve decided to get help for a drug and alcohol problem but are wanting to leave against medical advice, do yourself a favor: Sit still for 24 hours. Rather than making a premature decision in the moment, wait. Talk it over with peers, with counselors, with family members. Don’t do anything rash, because chances…

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Alcohol rehab for women over 50: What you need to know

alcohol rehab for women over 50

Let’s be real: If you’re an older woman with a drinking problem, getting treatment for it is often a decision made out of desperation … but when the time comes, finding effective alcohol rehab for women over 50 is essential. It’s important for anyone who finds themselves drinking too much to understand that they’re not…

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Overdose treatment: What happens and what you can do to save a life

overdose treatment

Recent figures from the Centers for Disease Control revealed that a record number of Americans died from a suspected drug overdose in 2020, highlighting the need for effective and accessible overdose treatment. But what does overdose treatment mean, in the conventional sense? Certainly, it’s a different type of “treatment” altogether from standard drug and alcohol…

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Alcohol use in higher education: Dissecting the college drinking culture

college drinking culture

When it comes to alcohol consumption at institutions of higher learning, it’s important to understand that college drinking isn’t just a fad: It’s a culture that’s been enabled and propped up for decades, to the point that it’s expected and encouraged … and as a result, it can cause serious problems. That’s not to say…

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Drug and alcohol use among college students: A look at the data

drug and alcohol use among college students

Drug and alcohol use among college students is a topic that’s often treated, in many circles, with kid gloves. Consider, for instance, the vast repository of Hollywood films made about the party culture in higher education, from “Horse Feathers” to “Animal House” to “Revenge of the Nerds” to “Van Wilder.” Popular culture often depicts college…

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Scaring them straight: The history of anti-drug campaigns in America

anti-drug campaigns

It may seem like a bizarre claim, but bear with us: Anti-drug campaigns are as American as apple pie, baseball and Budweiser. Much of that has to do with our Puritanical roots, and the role faith played in shaping every aspect of early American society, but consider what sociologist Carl Reinarman wrote in his 1994…

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Drug use on college campuses: What are the substances of concern?

drug use on college campuses

Like the college drinking culture, drug use on college campuses exists in that gray area between outright disapproval and tacit acknowledgement of it as a rite of passage. Since incoming freshmen first left home to attend school away from the watchful eyes of parents and guardians, college dormitories, Greek residences and off-campus apartments have developed…

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