What are the signs of a fentanyl overdose?

what are the signs of a fentanyl overdose

Given the horrific nature of the opioid epidemic in the United States, everyone should know the answer to this question: What are the signs of a fentanyl overdose? Earlier this summer, the Centers for Disease Control released the provisional drug overdose death statistics for 2020, and the numbers were grim, as the publication Scientific American…

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Financial questions about addiction treatment: Who pays for drug rehab?

who pays for drug rehab

If you’re unsure of who pays for drug rehab, know this: Someone does. Despite some of the mystique surrounding drug and alcohol treatment, it’s a medical service provided like any other. If you break your arm, the continuum of care is relatively straightforward: You go to the emergency room, you get X-rayed, you get a…

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National Recovery Month highlights a way out of addiction’s grip

National Recovery Month

September is National Recovery Month, and given the dire headlines surrounding addiction and alcoholism that are often buried beneath more urgent news items, it’s more important than ever to recognize it. National Recovery Month, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), “is a national observance held every September to promote and…

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Answering your treatment questions: What rehab is really like

what rehab is really like

If you’re considering it for a drug and alcohol problem and wondering what rehab is really like, blogger Adam Fout has a good analogy. It is, he said, like high school. I know that a lot of people who have never been to rehab are scared of going,” Fout writes. “I was scared too. I…

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Ten reasons why rehab is good (and may save your life)

why rehab is good

Individuals on the fence about getting help for a drug and alcohol problem are often reluctant to do so, and when they’re weighing options, many of them wonder why rehab is good for them. It’s only natural; addicts and alcoholics, by nature, are generally mistrustful (many times because their actions while drinking and using have…

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The aviation industry comes together: Helping employees find recovery

HIMS Program

The hardest phone call Brad Sayles ever had to make was the one that changed his life. The East Tennessee native and UPS pilot, who also serves as the company’s chairman of the HIMS Program (Human Intervention and Motivation Study), couldn’t even bring himself to utter the word “alcoholic,” as least in regard to the…

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Rehab concerns: How effective is alcoholism treatment?

how effective is alcoholism treatment

For family members of those who have a drinking problem, or even individuals considering alcohol rehab, it’s only natural to wonder: How effective is alcoholism treatment? Loosely translated, what all loved ones and those who suffer want to know is: Will rehab “cure” the problem? It’s a fair question, because on the surface, addiction and…

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Five reasons why an addict won’t get help for a drug problem

reasons why an addict won't get help

There are a number of reasons why an addict won’t get help for a drug problem, but they usually come down to one thing: fear. For the uninitiated, that may seem ridiculous: After all, addicts put themselves in situations that threaten their physical health and well-being all the time. Overdose, for example, is always a…

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What does it mean to leave rehab against medical advice?

leave rehab against medical advice

If you’ve decided to get help for a drug and alcohol problem but are wanting to leave against medical advice, do yourself a favor: Sit still for 24 hours. Rather than making a premature decision in the moment, wait. Talk it over with peers, with counselors, with family members. Don’t do anything rash, because chances…

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