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Care Packages

Please be aware that all packages will be searched

If you have a loved one in our care, you may be wondering if it’s acceptable to mail them care packages.

We understand your desire to do so. Visitation is limited, and you may be feeling a myriad of emotions surrounding your loved one’s decision to seek help for addiction: anxiety, fear, concern, worry. Let us assure you, first and foremost, that while a patient at Cornerstone of Recovery, your loved one is in good hands. Their needs are being met, and if there are items they need that weren’t packed, we’ll make sure they get them.

Packages, however, can do wonders for morale, and so we welcome the opportunity for our clients to receive some of the tastes and creature comforts of home … within reason. Before you decide to send items to your loved one, we ask that you please read and adhere to the following guidelines:

Remember that living quarters have limited space and the time they spend there is short. Large packages containing a multitude of items mean they have more to take care of and move, should they be required to change rooms as they transition through various levels of care.

All packages will be inspected by Cornerstone of Recovery staff members, and the more items a package contains, the longer it takes to sort through them.

Because of the nature of our facility, there are several items that patients are not allowed to possess while under our care. Those include:

  1. Cologne or perfume
  2. Mouthwash, unless it’s alcohol free (examples of allowable mouthwash: Smart Mouth Alcohol-Free Mouthwash, Listermint Alcohol Free Mouth Wash or Act Alcohol Free Anti-Cavity Fluoride Rinse)
  3. Aerosol cans
  4. Products with alcohol listed in the first 5 ingredients are not permitted. (Allowable forms include cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol and denatured alcohol, which cannot be consumed and are typically found in conditioners, deodorants, and lotions.)
  5. Any items that do not show proof of content on the label
  6. Reading material that is not spiritual in nature or recovery-related. Remember: This isn’t a vacation, and we want to encourage our patients to maintain a singular focus on recovery.
  7. Condoms, sexual devices or enhancement medications
  8. Inappropriate pictures or pornography
  9. Drug or alcohol paraphernalia
  10. Electronic devices of any kind
  11. Cameras (digital or film)
  12. Homemade food or baked goods
  13. Weapons, including pocketknives or pen knives

Beyond those limitations, we do permit — and even encourage — a wide variety of items that make for ideal package contents and may make a patient’s stay more comfortable, including:

  • Store-bought food and snack items sealed in their original packaging
  • Clothing, including shoes or other footwear. Because we have a fitness facility on campus and occasionally take patients on outings to the nearby Great Smoky Mountains National Park, comfortable athletic wear is encouraged. (Please note: T-shirts or other items with slogans that promote drugs, alcohol or sexual innuendoes are not allowed)
  • Outerwear such as jackets or winter coats
  • Tobacco products, provided that they haven’t been opened
  • Backpacks and/or book bags
  • Blank journals
  • Pre-paid gift cards for use at the Cornerstone Market

So where should packages be sent?

All packages should be addressed to your loved one, care of Cornerstone of Recovery, 4726 Airport Highway, Louisville, TN 37777. Our reception staff will sign for or receive them and ensure that they’re delivered to the appropriate program coordinators, who will then inspect each package and its contents before turning them over to your loved one.

Please keep in mind that Cornerstone of Recovery is a place of healing. Our mission is to provide your loved one with the tools needed to live a life of sustained recovery, and in the early days of their recovery journey, our patients are often emotionally fragile. Letters and packages from home should be missives of encouragement to continue the process they so bravely started. With your help, we can ensure that their experiences here at Cornerstone are positive ones, and that when they return to you, they possess in abundance the one item that can never be packaged up: hope.


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