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When it comes to booze, the Tri-Cities have a problem.

According to the website County Health Rankings, 26 percent of motor vehicle deaths statewide involved alcohol, but the in Northeast Tennessee, the numbers were much higher: 29 percent in Washington County, 32 percent in Johnson County and 37 percent in Carter County, for example. According to a 2018 report by USA Today, 12.7 percent of adults in the Tri-Cities area drink to excess, and with 509 restaurants and bars in the area that serve alcohol, there are plenty of opportunities for those with a drinking problem to imbibe.

Fortunately, there's an alcoholism treatment center just a short drive away that's been helping such individuals find sobriety for 30 years. Cornerstone of Recovery, located just outside of Knoxville, was founded by an alcoholic, and today we pride ourselves in the fact that the majority of our clinical staff is in recovery themselves. While we started small — in a strip mall on the outskirts of Knoxville, with 22 staff members and 18 beds — we've grown into one of the largest residential alcoholism treatment centers in the state, but the therapy we provide makes us so much more than just another alcohol rehab.

Using sound recovery models based on the 12 Steps that are the foundation of Alcoholics Anonymous, combined with evidence-based clinical therapy from across the psychological spectrum, we offer safe, medically supervised detox followed by a transition into one of our four treatment programs: Newcomers, for those with no previous alcoholism treatment experience; Recovery Renewal, for those who have been to alcohol rehab in the past but have been unable to stay sober; Young Adult, a more robust program for men ages 18 to 26; and our unique Women's Program, designed as a safe space for female alcoholics. We do it all from four buildings on a 25-acre campus to which we moved in 2017, a facility that includes modern, comfortable amenities, from our dining hall to our residence tower to our state-of-the-art fitness center.

Combined with all of the other ways in which we offer comprehensive alcoholism treatment for those individuals who live in the Tri-Cities and across Tennessee, we provide an approach that's unparalleled. From family therapy that involves loved ones in the healing process to Activity Therapy that includes time on our on-campus ropes course to dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring mental health issues, we believe that alcoholism treatment involves so much more than mere abstinence. That's why we're one of the top choices for individuals seeking an alcohol rehab in the Tri-Cities, and why we continue to adhere to the mission to which we've been dedicated since 1989.

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What Is Involved With The Alcoholism Treatment Programs?

At Cornerstone of Recovery, we hold fast to principles that have helped millions find a clean and sober way of life through AA meetings and NA meetings around the world. The 12 Steps are the cornerstone, if you will, of our treatment model, but built upon them are numerous clinical tools that take into account the individual needs of each patient. Our approach is designed to treat the "whole person" — the biological, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of addicts and alcoholics whose lives become unmanageable. Scientific and medical consensus is that addiction and alcoholism are legitimate illnesses, which means that addicts and alcoholics aren't bad people who need to be good; they're sick people who need to get well, and that begins with treatment for their condition.

Treatment at Cornerstone begins with the very first call potential patients make to our trained Admissions counselors. Our goal, from that initial communication, is to determine the extent of your problem and the best approach to give you long-term sobriety. The substances, whether they're drugs or alcohol, aren't the problem; they're symptoms of a problem that's internal, which is why treatment involves so much more than simple abstinence.

It begins, of course, in our safe and supervised medical detox program, during which patients are monitored by around-the-clock nursing care. Our nursing staff administers comfort medication to help with the detox process and monitors patients for any potential medical emergency, so that the drugs and alcohol are safely purged from each patient's system before they transition into one of our four treatment programs:

Newcomers Inpatient Program

Newcomer's Residential Inpatient Treatment, an entry-level approach to sobriety for those with little to no exposure prior alcoholism treatment experience. Patients will take part in peer support groups, receive one-on-one counseling and be given a thorough education on the disease process, so that they have an understanding of the nature of their affliction as well as the tools needed to keep it contained.

Recovery Renewal Inpatient Program

Recovery Renewal Residential Inpatient Treatment, designed for those who have been to alcohol rehab previously but have been unable to sustain long-term sobriety. Whether they've fallen victim to relapse or victim to the idea that they could drink or use successfully after a period of abstinence, those individuals require a more in-depth look at issues and traumas that have prevented them from staying sober.

Young Adult Inpatient Program

Young Adult Residential Inpatient Treatment, a program designed for young men, ages 18 to 26, whose development and maturity are often cut short by the use of alcohol at an early age. It's a more hands-on type of alcoholism treatment program designed for restless spirits and active bodies, and it includes some measure of vocational therapy to help those individuals move forward with schools and jobs once they leave the program.

Women Only Inpatient Program

Women's Only Residential Inpatient Treatment, a gender-specific program that allows female patients a safe space in which to process issues, traumas and emotional baggage that's unique to them. In a therapeutic environment overseen by female staff members, our women patients often form close bonds of support that lift one another up in a spirit of unity and transformation, a journey that allows them to overcome the devastation of alcohol.

In addition, our on-site psychiatric services examines each patient for co-occurring mental health issues that may be a contributing factor in their suffering, and our post-residential programs, such as Intensive Outpatient treatment, gives those who come to us for help an opportunity to extend their safety net and broaden their knowledge of recovery.

Does Cornerstone Accept My Health Insurance?

Determining how to pay for alcoholism treatment, of course, can be both complicated and frustrating. You may already have a mountain of medical expenses, and we realize that many alcoholics aren't the type of individuals who have thousands on hand in a savings account. You may live in the Tri-Cities and fervently wish to get into a quality alcohol rehab but have no idea how to begin to pay for it. That's where we come in. Obviously, if you have a private or commercial health insurance plan, you most likely have behavioral health benefits that will pay for some, if not all, of your treatment costs. Cornerstone of Recovery is in network with most major plans, including:


Blue Cross Blue Shield
Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal
Crescent Health Solutions

Empire Blue Cross
Health Alliance
HealthSmart: Benefit Solutions
Horizon Healthcare
Magellan Behavioral Health

Meritain Health
ValueOptions/Beacon Health Options

Rehab Center that takes aetna blue cross blue shield untied healthcare Humana Cigna

If you don't see your plan on this list, that doesn't mean we don't take it; it just means that our Admissions staff will help you determine if we do. That's their job: to determine if Cornerstone of Recovery is the right fit for your treatment needs, and if so, whether your ability to pay or your insurance can get your foot in the door. We may be able to help you figure out some financing options, or at the very least, refer to you a number of other treatment facilities with which we work closely to help those who need help receive it.

And if you're enrolled in the BlueCare or Amerigroup managed care organizations — two of the three MCOs under the TennCare umbrella — we have a facility for you. Stepping Stone to Recovery is part of the Cornerstone family and uses the same treatment model to provide rehab services for those with state government-assisted healthcare insurance. Call our Admissions Department today for more information.


What Happens Next?

Not everyone who drinks to excess as an Alcohol Use Disorder, the medically acceptable term for alcoholism. However, those who do often find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle of returning to the bottle even in the face of adverse consequences. Do you find yourself:

  • Obsessing about alcohol throughout the day?
  • Lying about how much or how often you drink?
  • Unable to meet your work, school or family obligations because of drinking or hangovers?
  • Having to drink more to get the desired effect?
  • Losing jobs or being arrested because of alcohol?
  • Giving up old friends because of the fear of judgment about your drinking?
  • Drinking so much that you black out frequently?
  • Experiencing physical side effects when you try to stop, like tremors in your hands or profuse sweating or even seizures?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, it likely indicates a problem. We can't emphasize enough that you shouldn't stop drinking without first seeking medical advice, and if you feel like you do have a problem, you shouldn't pretend that you don't. At Cornerstone of Recovery, we can help you assess the degree of your problem and begin making arrangements to address it. Our Admissions staff is standing by to take your call; pick up the phone today and put an end to the fears you have of what life will be like without alcohol. Trust us when we tell you that things will continue to get worse if your drinking continues, and that life can get unimaginably better if you stop.

Why Consider Leaving Home For Your Treatment?

Whether you're a resident of Bristol, Johnson City or Kingsport, Cornerstone of Recovery is only a two-hour drive away ... but if you're desperate to break out of the place in which you feel so stuck, it might as well be on the other side of the world. Here along the banks of the Little River, you'll have an opportunity to hit the pause button on a life that's gone awry, find yourself and your purpose and collect a set of emotional and psychological tools that you can take with you when you return home, so that your return to the Tri-Cities isn't something to be dreaded.

Too often, in attempting to get clean and sober, we're surrounded by triggers: people, places and things that tempt us to give up and persist with the same way of life that has made a constant companion of misery for so long. While there are no doubt plenty of inpatient programs in your area, few have the proven track record of success or the comprehensive therapeutic offerings as Cornerstone does. By leaving your hometown and traveling to seek treatment with us, you can remove yourself from a potential toxic environment, rebuild yourself with the help of those who know intimately of your struggles and return home ready and willing to live life sober.

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