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Substance Abuse Treatment For Hickory NC

In terms of population size, Hickory is the 21st largest city in the state of North Carolina – but according to the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services, the area ranks 13th in the state for unintentional prescription opioid deaths and 16th in prescription opioid hospitalizations. Based on arrest records, its drug abuse violation rate is three times the national average.

It’s little wonder, then, that the demand for drug rehab in Hickory, N.C., is great. As the largest residential substance abuse treatment provider in the state of Tennessee, Cornerstone of Recovery is located three hours west of Hickory, and we offer an addiction treatment program that’s built on almost 30 years of success. Over that time, we’ve grown from 18 beds to more than 100, and from 22 staff members to almost 250. At the same time, we’ve helped thousands of addicts and alcoholics stop using drugs or drinking, lose the desire to do those things and find a new way to live.

We don’t help them get their old lives back, because as a facility where more than 90 percent of the clinical staff is in recovery themselves, we know from personal experience that our old lives weren’t very fulfilling anyway. Even before we started getting high or drunk, we didn’t feel comfortable in our own skin, and we never felt like we fit in with the rest of the world. That’s what made drugs and alcohol so appealing; those things became chemical suits of armor that allowed us to function … until they turned on us.

Alcoholism & Drug Rehab For Hickory NC Professionals

If your addiction has endangered a career you love and a livelihood that supports you and your family, we’ll give you tools to salvage it as well. Basic recovery tools can be applied to all walks of life, but we understand that some careers need a little extra attention. In our Professionals Program, we offer added support for:

  • Physicians, who treat diseases and illnesses every day but have difficulty accepting that addiction can be one that afflicts them as well;
  • Nurses, who work erratic shifts and long hours and sometimes turn to stimulants to get up and go and depressives to sleep;
  • Veterinarians, who find themselves overwhelmed with what’s known as compassion fatigue, because they give so much of who they are to both the animals and their owners;
  • Pharmacists, who find that job pressure and stress often overwhelm their rational decision-making skills that keep them from sampling the medications they dispense; and
  • Dentists, who juggle the responsibilities of a business owner running a practice and a medical practitioner caring for patients.

These aren’t the only careers we cater to, of course; we specialize in the treatment of safety-sensitive transportation industry employees of airlines and railroads around the country, but we’re also open to everyone, from housewives to ministers to mechanics to factory workers. Everyone who comes through Cornerstone has the opportunity to take advantage of our whole-person approach to addiction and alcohol treatment, in which we utilize proven clinical tools like Schema Therapy and processing groups to traditional 12 Step recovery meetings. Because while we’re all different, we all share a single common trait that binds us together: a disease that wants to kill us, but wants us to suffer first.

Find Recovery And Take Your Life Back

Thanks to Cornerstone of Recovery, you don’t have to suffer any longer. You can hit the pause button on your life and leave Hickory for East Tennessee, where we’ll welcome you with open arms, give you an opportunity to get your life back on track and, should you so desire, return to Hickory with a better understanding of yourself, your disease and what you want to do with the rest of your life as a recovering individual.



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North Carolina Recovery Events

71st North Carolina State Convention 

(July 19-22, 2018, in Raleigh)

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(Aug. 3-5, 2018, in Winston-Salem)

Take A Quick Tour

Directions From Hickory NC to Cornerstone of Recovery

To get to Cornerstone, you’ll drive roughly 184 miles down Interstate 40 West to the heart of downtown Knoxville, where you’ll look for Exit 386B to U.S. 129/Alcoa Highway (follow the signs to McGhee Tyson Airport); from there, you’ll travel another nine miles to your final destination on the left: 4726 Airport Highway, Louisville, TN 37777. Last year, we consolidated our numerous programs onto a single four-facility campus, and from the moment you pull in, we think you’ll feel like you can take a deep breath and truly believe, maybe for the first time, that there’s hope. Because that’s what we’re giving you – hope. You just have to get here to obtain it.

Why Leave Hickory For Addiction Treatment?

At Cornerstone of Recovery, we’ll help you remove that suit and find the true self you’ve kept hidden under a miasma of drugs for so long. And by leaving Hickory for a temporary respite in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, you’ll do so in a new environment, free of distractions from the place you spent so much time getting high and away from the people who are so closely associated with your addiction.

New Comers Residential Program

The Newcomer’s Program is designed for first-time treatment seekers who are reaching out for help for the first time.

Recovery Renewal Program

Recovery Renewal, a more intense therapeutic path for those who are treatment-savvy but haven’t been able to find permanent sobriety after they leave;

Young Adult Residential

Young Adults, for young people ages 18 to 26, that helps those individuals develop the life skills and maturation that have been stunted by drugs and alcohol

Women's Program

The Women’s Program, a gender-exclusive treatment path that gives female patients a safe space to process problems and traumas unique to women in addiction.


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