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If you struggle with alcohol addiction, know this: You're not alone.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, an estimated 15.1 million Americans — roughly 6.2 percent of all adults ages 18 and older — suffer from what's medically defined as Alcohol Use Disorder. Charlotte and Mecklenburg County aren't spared, according to state statistics. For example, in 2015 nearly 15 percent of Mecklenburg teens reported binge drinking within the past month. In addition, according to the N.C. Department of Transportation, . tates of alcohol impaired driving deaths in Mecklenburg County are higher than those in the state and in the rest of the country.

But for anyone who awakens each morning hungover and already craving that next drink, there is hope in the help offered at Cornerstone of Recovery. A drug and alcohol treatment center four hours to the west, Cornerstone has offered recovery programs for alcoholics since its inception in 1989. In fact, Cornerstone was founded by an alcoholic — Bill Hood, who got sober 10 years earlier and discovered a passion for helping others to achieve the peace of mind, body and spirit that he himself had gained at a similar recovery center.

At Cornerstone, we offer a number of treatment options designed to meet the individual needs of those who come to us seeking help for their alcoholism, including many from Charlotte, N.C. What we've found over the past three decades is that by leaving the city in which they've endured so much trouble, those with drug or alcohol problems can better focus on the most important person in the entire substance abuse and mental health process: themselves.

the first step to the rest of your life starts at cornerstone of recovery

As one of the best alcohol and drug rehab facilities in the nation, Cornerstone of Recovery offers a time-tested model of treatment for a variety of substance abuse issues. Our foundation is built on the traditions of 12 Step-based recovery conceived by organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous, combined with evidence-based clinical tools that are used to target the issues that predate substance use and abuse. Every patient is assigned a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses the needs of the whole person: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues that are inextricably tied to alcoholism.

At Cornerstone, we believe that alcoholism is a disease, and that alcoholics aren't bad people trying to become good; they're sick people who need to get well. Through our various treatment services, we focus on so much more than just the substances that result in alcoholism and drug addiction, and our approaches have proven effective for patients from Charlotte, North Carolina and throughout the rest of the country as well.

Inpatient Alcohol Drug Rehab
North Carolina Outreach Manager

Jess Gupton Shares Her Recovery Story

As Cornerstone of Recovery’s North Carolina Regional Outreach Manager, Jess Gupton often finds herself sharing her personal story of experience, strength and hope.

Her job takes her from her home in Asheville, which she shares with her partner, Vanessa; to Charlotte and beyond. She works closely with North Carolina businesses and companies to introduce Cornerstone’s proven track record of successful addiction treatment into new markets and industries. Her position involves a great deal of networking and establishment of new business contacts, but the most rewarding part of it, she says, is the time she spends with patients.

As Cornerstone’s primary point of contact in North Carolina, she’s often the face of Cornerstone to those who come to our 23-acre campus near Knoxville, Tenn., for residential addiction treatment. She’s a testament to the almost 30-year track record Cornerstone has of successfully delivering addicts and alcoholics from the depths of despair into the light of recovery, a path she knows all too well. By the time she found it herself in 2012, she was at the end of the road.

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Like many other rehab centers, Cornerstone offers three stages of rehabilitation: Safe, medically supervised detox from alcohol on the front end, and Intensive Outpatient treatment on the back end. In between, every patient is assigned to one of four specific residential inpatient treatment programs:

Newcomers Residential Program

Our Newcomers Program is specifically targeted toward those undergoing the treatment process for the first time; it’s an introduction to basic recovery tools and principles that allows patients to address the issues that existed before active addiction began and those that have developed because of sustained drug use.

Young Adult Residential

Our Young Adult Program is geared toward young people ages 18 to 26, whose addictions have stunted development of critical life skills that manifest during that time period.

Recovery Renewal Program

The Recovery Renewal Program is a more intensive and immersive recovery experience for those who have been through treatment previously but haven’t been able to sustain long-term recovery from drug and alcohol addictions.

Women's Drug Rehab Program

Women’s Only Program is a treatment path limited to all female patients, many of whom may need additional coping skills and healing mechanisms that deal with life and addiction trauma unique to women.


From the moment patients come to our campus, our goal is to make their transition to and from each program, as well as into a life of long-term recovery, as seamless and comfortable as possible. We understand that change is never easy because there's comfort in familiarity — even when the familiar is miserable. However, when the pain of staying the same has become greater than the fear of change, we offer a way out of misery that's empowering, transformational and life-affirming.

Does Cornerstone Accept My Health Insurance?

If Cornerstone sounds like the destination you've been looking for to deal with your alcohol problem, we're waiting for your phone call. No doubt, you may be thinking that treatment at Cornerstone is expensive or too difficult to attain. Let us help you allay those fears. Yes, drug and alcohol treatment costs money; yes, Cornerstone is a private facility. However, in addition to private pay options, we are in network with most major insurance providers.

We understand all too well that navigating the complexities of your health insurance benefits can be a headache, and when you're in a fragile state of mind because of alcohol and drugs, doing so might seem impossible. We assure you, it's not. In fact, our trained Admissions staff is standing by to help you do just that. If you have commercial health insurance, we'll check your benefits, determine the eligibility of your coverage and help you figure out how much of your deductible will be required, if any, and what percentage of treatment your insurance will help provide.

All it takes is that initial phone call. And if you're wondering whether we accept your plan, here's a list of the companies with which we're in network:

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal
Crescent Health Solutions

Empire Blue Cross
Health Alliance
HealthSmart: Benefit Solutions
Horizon Healthcare
Magellan Behavioral Health

Meritain Health
ValueOptions/Beacon Health Options

Rehab Center that takes aetna blue cross blue shield untied healthcare Humana Cigna

The first step of alcoholism and addiction recovery is asking for help. There's no shame in the admission that you can't do this on your own: Remember, you're sick, not weak. Having a disease doesn't exempt you from consequences or absolve you from the repairs you need to make to your life, but with a strong recovery foundation provided at Cornerstone, you can do so without the crippling fear of failure or worthlessness that's so prevalent during your darkest hours of drinking. Our Admissions team is standing by, waiting for your call. Reach out, and let us help you.

What Happens Next?

Once you make that call, we'll take you step-by-step through the rest of the process. Before you hang up, we'll have a clear idea of what coverage your insurance will provide, as well as what the next steps need to be to qualify you for treatment. We'll help you schedule your intake and talk you though everything you need to bring and what you can expect while you're here. We'll discuss ways for you to get here and help you figure out a plan for transportation. And once you arrive, we'll help you cross the threshold, if need be, and get you started down the path toward a brighter future.

Too often, in our darkest hours, we feel that we're destined to die as addicts and alcoholics. At Cornerstone of Recovery, we've found another way. If you're ready to leave Charlotte and seek help and hope here with us, we'll give you the tools you need to rebuild yourself and your life, so that you can return home after treatment reborn in the light of recovery.

That's our mission, and that's our promise. All that's needed to realize it is you. Call today to get started.

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Why Consider Leaving Charlotte For Treatment

Cornerstone is only 230 miles from Charlotte, but physical separation from a place where addiction and alcoholism have caused so much wreckage can sometimes make all the difference. Those who wish to find sobriety can certainly do so in Charlotte, but few programs offer the sort of treatment that Cornerstone does. Located on 25 acres in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, our bucolic campus is a four-facility oasis of serenity and knowledge, so that those who come to us desperate for a way out of alcoholism can stop drinking, emerge from the fog and find the clarity and peace of mind they so desperately need to move forward with a life free of alcohol's bonds.

At Cornerstone, we provide a comprehensive restructuring of the body, mind, heart and spirit, so that patients who come to us can return to Charlotte upon the completion of treatment better prepared for a fulfilling future.

Still not sure Cornerstone is the right treatment center for you?

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Alcoholism Treatment

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Smack , H , Tar , Dope , Junk , Chiva , Brown Sugar, China White , He , Black Tar, Snow , Mexican Brown


Ativan , Dalmane , Doral , Klonopin , Librium, Valium , Prosom , Restoril , Serax,  Tranxene , Versed ,  Xanax


Codeine , Fentanyl , Hydrocodone , Methadone , Morphine , Oxycodone , Acetaminophen , Vicodin , OxyContin , Percocet , Roxicet


Bennies , Black Beauties , Crank , Ice , Speed , Uppers


MDMA , Molly, X , Adam , Beans , Candy , Love Drug , Scooby Snacks , Vitamin X


Acid , Blotter , Boomers , Cid , Doses , Dots , Golden Dragon , Loony Toons , Tabs

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