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cigna center of excellence drug alcohol rehab addiction treatment centerCornerstone of Recovery Accepts Cigna for Drug Rehab And Is A Center of Excellence 

Like many insurance companies, Cigna recognizes the importance of substance abuse treatment for addiction. It even says so on the Cigna website: “With treatment, you can make healthy changes and keep drugs or alcohol out of your life.” As an in-network provider of residential addiction treatment, Cornerstone of Recovery works with Cigna policy holders to provide the relief from addiction that has long eluded those who suffer from it.

In fact, our close relationship with Cigna has led the company to name Cornerstone as a Substance Use Center of Excellence Provider, one of six in the State of Tennessee so designated by the insurance company. Cigna Substance Use Center of Excellence Providers meet the following criteria:

· Offer inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs;

· Meet annual admission and readmission standards; and

· Are cost effective.

In addition, “some of the programs offered by Substance Use Centers of Excellence are specifically tailored to treat … adolescents, women-only and those suffering from chronic pain.”

If you’re a Cigna client, you may be entitled to behavioral health benefits that include substance abuse treatment, but you won’t know until you begin to explore your options. That’s why at Cornerstone, our trained professional staff is ready to assist you in navigating the fine print of your policy, so that you can determine exactly what services for which you qualify and how best to apply them toward the treatment you need to get your life back on track.

Why Does Cigna Pay for Addiction Treatment?

As American health care providers began to regard alcoholism (in 1956) and addiction (in 1987) as legitimate medical conditions, health insurance companies began to follow suit. Some policies have provided benefits for substance abuse treatment for years, although many plans limited treatment to one or two times per lifetime of the policyholder. In 2008, however, the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) was enacted, requiring companies that offer behavioral health benefits to provide mental health treatment comparable to physical medical care. In 2010, the Affordable Care Act — “Obamacare,” as it’s called — expanded the scope of behavioral health benefits to include substance abuse treatment, and addiction was stricken from the list of pre-existing conditions that may have been cause to deny care. As a result, health insurance policies held by companies like Cigna — which has 86 million customers in 30 countries — are required by law to cover some or all of substance abuse treatment at facilities like Cornerstone of Recovery.


Why Use Your Cigna Insurance Policy at Cornerstone?

While a number of drug rehab facilities accept Cigna and other forms of commercial health insurance, every policyholder who pays in premiums wants the best addiction treatment their money can buy. As a result, it’s important that those benefits be applied at facilities that specifically tailor addiction treatment plans to fit the individual needs of its patients. At Cornerstone of Recovery, we’ve been in the substance abuse treatment field for almost three decades, offering a full range of services that include medical detox, residential inpatient and intensive outpatient. Although we’re contracted with several large companies around the country, including five major railroads, four major airlines and several professional organizations, our doors are open to individuals from all walks of life. Their treatment paths may differ, but the tools used to get there are similar: a combination of traditional 12 Step recovery and clinically tested psychiatric therapies that help those who come to us get to the root causes of their addiction, so that they move forward free from chemical bondage.

Does My Particular Cigna Policy Cover Treatment at Cornerstone?

Unfortunately, just because you have health insurance doesn’t necessarily mean your plan covers substance abuse treatment. However, Cornerstone of Recovery is in network with Cigna, so if you have a Cigna policy, our Admissions and Utilization Review staff members are ready to assist you in determining the scope of your benefits.

At Cornerstone, we understand that the last thing you need is the stress of wondering how to pay for the treatment you so desperately want. We also know that your best chance at recovery comes when your mind isn’t preoccupied with financial strain. To get the most out of the behavioral health benefits offered by your Cigna policy, call us today at 865-685-4086. We’ll help you figure out what benefits you have, and the best way to go about putting them into action so that you can begin to change your life.

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