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Alcohol & Drug Rehab That Accepts United Healthcare Raleigh NC

Alcohol Drug Rehab Takes United Healthcare Raleigh NCIf you live in or near Raleigh and are struggling with an alcohol or drug problem ... and with a half-day's drive, you could be at one of the most respected drug and alcohol treatment centers in the nation ... would you take advantage of the opportunity? Especially if you have a UnitedHealthcare commercial or private insurance policy that such a facility accepted to get you the help you need?

The answer to that question may be dependent on how desperate you are, but at Cornerstone of Recovery, we understand desperation. We're located near Knoxville, Tennessee, and we were started by a recovering alcoholic who had once lost everything except his life to the bottle. After a decade of sobriety, his conviction to help others find the same led him to open up a small addiction and alcoholism treatment center with 18 beds and 22 staff members. Over the next 30 years, Cornerstone grew into a nationally recognize facility that's provided help, healing and hope to thousands of people. Even though we've grown — we moved onto a four-facility, 25-acre campus in 2017 that includes a residence tower, a treatment building, an outpatient center and a state-of-the-art fitness center — we've remain committed to the mission that has made us an addiction and alcoholism treatment facility approved and in network with more than a dozen health insurance plans, including United Healthcare.

That mission is rooted in the belief that any addict or alcoholic, with the right treatment, care, encouragement and kindness, can stop using and drinking, lose the desire to do so and find a new way to live. That new way starts with a 3- to 5-day stay in Medical Detox, where we help them safely and comfortably come off of the drugs and alcohol, followed by entry into one of our four treatment tracks: Newcomers, for those just starting out on the journey to get clean and sober; Recovery Renewal, for individuals who have struggled to overcome relapse after previous trips through rehab; Young Adult, for men ages 18 to 26; and Women's Only, a safe space for all female patients. In those programs, individuals will be able to take advantage of treatment modalities like Cognitive Processing Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and more, as well as one-on-one counseling, experiential therapy, group therapy, Activity Therapy and much more. Family members will be invited to take part of the recovery process, should they so desire, as part of our strong family therapy program. Individuals who need dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring mental health issues will be evaluated and treated by our psychiatric team.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. At Cornerstone of Recovery, residents of Raleigh with a UHC health plan seeking addiction and alcoholism treatment will find a place that's so much more than just another drug and alcohol rehab.

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What Is Involved With The Alcoholism Treatment Programs?

At Cornerstone of Recovery, clients seeking to find the best drug and alcohol treatment their UnitedHealthcare plan can provide may wonder why leaving Raleigh is necessary, and we'll be frank: It's not. You can get help for addiction and alcoholism in Raleigh, but you won't find better treatment than you will here at Cornerstone, and if your United Healthcare plan is covering some or all of the cost, then why not go where you'll receive the best chance at staying clean and sober permanently? At Cornerstone, we've helped thousands of individuals, including many from Raleigh, overcome addiction and alcoholism through a rigorous regimen of therapy, counseling, 12 Step facilitation, evidence-based modalities and the dedication of a clinical staff that's drawn from both academia and the local recovery community. We believe wholeheartedly that one addict helping another is truly the best experience, strength and hope we can provide, and we're honored to include among our staff members many who have been through treatment, perhaps even at Cornerstone, themselves.

Newcomers Inpatient Program

If you've never been to drug and alcohol treatment before, or if you're attempting to get clean and sober for the first time, doing so can seem overwhelming. After all, many of us tried to quit, only to discover we couldn't. Our Newcomers Program helps those patients understand why through an education about the disease concept, as well as therapeutic tools to live in recovery, without the need to return to alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism.

Recovery Renewal Inpatient Program

Those who get clean and sober but then falter often feel discouraged and disheartened. In our Recovery Renewal Program, we teach that relapse isn't a failure; it's merely a setback, and it doesn't have to be the defining moment of anyone's recovery journey. It simply means there are issues to address and deal with and tools to put in place so that this time around, long-lasting sobriety can be found.

Young Adult Inpatient Program

Those who start using drugs and alcohol at an early age often find themselves caught up in cycles of addiction and alcoholism before they're old enough to legally purchase a drink. It's not just experimentation, and it's not just a small "problem": It's an addiction, and those who suffer need a way out and a way forward. That's where our Young Adult Program comes in — a path to guide men ages 18 to 26 away from drugs and alcohol and toward a future unencumbered by them.

Women Only Inpatient Program

If you're a female addict or alcoholic, you may be facing some issues and traumas that make you uncomfortable or frightened to think about addressing with or in the presence of your male counterparts. We understand. That's why we created our unique Women's Only Program, designed to give female patients a safe space in which they can unveil their pain and find within themselves the strong, self-confident, vibrant and sober women we know they can be.

Residential inpatient treatment is the first step on the recovery journey, and while it's an important one, it's not the only one. Some residents of Raleigh emerge that part ready to return home; others need more time, which how our Intensive Outpatient program can be beneficial. For several hours a day, four days a week, those patients can extend their stay and continue their therapy while staying as part of our Sober Living community, surrounded by peers who are transitioning slowly from the bubble of drug and alcohol treatment back into the real world. In many cases, your United Healthcare insurance policy will cover some or all of Intensive Outpatient, so that you can focus solely on your recovery while slowly regaining a foothold in society, so that when you're ready to return to the Raleigh area, you do so as a sober, whole individual.

Common Addictions We Provide Treatment For

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Alcoholism Treatment

Beer , Booze , Liquor , Wine

Cocaine & Crack

Coke , Flake , Snow , Blow , White , Toot , Base , Powder , Dust , Baseball , Bump , Snow , Stash


Smack , H , Tar , Dope , Junk , Chiva , Brown Sugar, China White , He , Black Tar, Snow , Mexican Brown


Ativan , Dalmane , Doral , Klonopin , Librium, Valium , Prosom , Restoril , Serax,  Tranxene , Versed ,  Xanax


Codeine , Fentanyl , Hydrocodone , Methadone , Morphine , Oxycodone , Acetaminophen , Vicodin , OxyContin , Percocet , Roxicet


Bennies , Black Beauties , Crank , Ice , Speed , Uppers


MDMA , Molly, X , Adam , Beans , Candy , Love Drug , Scooby Snacks , Vitamin X


Acid , Blotter , Boomers , Cid , Doses , Dots , Golden Dragon , Loony Toons , Tabs

THC & Marijuana

Dabbing , Shatter , Oil , Edibles and other High Potency THC Concentrates

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