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Alcohol & Drug Rehab That Accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield Greenville SC

Alcohol Drug Rehab Accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield Greenville SCIn less than three hours, residents of Greenville who need drug and alcohol treatment and have BlueCross BlueShield health insurance can arrive at one of the most respected addiction and alcoholism rehabs in the country. Cornerstone of Recovery, located 15 minutes from downtown Knoxville, Tennessee, has been in network with most BlueCross BlueShield plans, including BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina, for years, and we've been providing a new way of life for struggling addicts and alcoholics since 1989.

At the time, we started small — 18 beds and 22 staff members in a small building in a strip mall outside of Knoxville. In 2017, we moved to our current location, a four-facility campus on 25 acres, just 30 minutes from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Residents stay in our modern-but-modest residential tower, receive addiction and alcoholism treatment and enjoy their meals in the treatment building overlooking the Little River and exercise their bodies in our state-of-the-art fitness center. At Cornerstone, we believe in a whole-person approach to recovery, meaning that to get better, treatment needs to involve more than just stopping the use of alcohol and drugs. That's certainly part of the process, and it takes place in our safe, comfortable and medically supervised detox program, where each person stays for 3 to 5 days while they're weaned from the chemicals that have ravaged them.

Afterward, they'll transition to one of our four residential inpatient treatment programs: Newcomers, for those seeking treatment for the first time; Recovery Renewal, for individuals who have been to drug and alcohol rehab previously but who have relapsed or been unable to stay clean and sober; Young Adult, a program specific to men ages 18 to 26; and our Women's Only Program, where all of our female clients find a safe and supportive environment in which to recover. Residents of all of those programs will receive one-on-one counseling and take part in educational lectures and peer support groups. We'll offer them various therapies according to their individual needs, from trauma therapy to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to other psychotherapeutic modalities. If they suffer from co-occurring mental health disorders, we'll provide dual diagnosis treatment with the help of our psychiatric team. We'll even involve loved ones in the recovery process through our unique Family Therapy Program, which offers relatives a chance to come to Cornerstone and take part in a two-day Family Fundamentals weekend of joint groups, lectures and therapy sessions.

At Cornerstone, we believe that addicts and alcoholics aren't "bad" people who need to be good — they're sick people who need to get better, and if those people live in or near Greenville, have a BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina policy and want to get the best drug and alcohol treatment their plan can cover, they'll find it here.

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What Is Involved With The Alcohol & Drug Rehab Programs?

At Cornerstone of Recovery, we don't believe in a "one size fits all" approach to drug and alcohol treatment. From the time you make your first phone call, we'll help you come up with a recovery plan that provides you with the best chance at sustained sobriety. We'll help you navigate the ins and outs of your BlueCross BlueShield health insurance policy, we'll work with you to arrange an arrival time from Greenville and we'll assess your needs so that our clinical staff, during your Admission process, can come up with an individualized treatment plan that addresses not just the alcohol and drugs, but the reasons you continue to return to them even in the face of negative consequences. Your stay here is strictly voluntary, but we'll work to make sure that once you begin to see light at the end of the tunnel, you'll understand that the best decision you can make is to stay the course — of addiction and alcoholism treatment at Cornerstone of Recovery, and of permanent sobriety once you return home to Greenville.

Newcomers Inpatient Program

Individuals with a drug and alcohol problem seeking help for the first time are often confused, discouraged and ashamed. The goal of our Newcomers Program is to give them an understanding of the illness that afflicts them; the tools to recover from it; and the ability to hold their heads high. Addiction and alcoholism need not define your entire life, nor should they be considered a hopeless state from which there is no return — and our Newcomers Program will provide you with a way forward.

Recovery Renewal Inpatient Program

Ideally, a trip through rug and alcohol rehab should set the stage for permanent sobriety — but life rarely has a fairy tale ending, and addiction and alcoholism are insidious and cunning illnesses that can cause even the most dedicated of individuals to falter. Relapse doesn't have to be the end of anyone's story, however, and our Recovery Renewal Program will help those who have relapsed, or been to treatment before, dig a little deeper, work a little harder and overcome their obstacles.

Young Adult Inpatient Program

For teens who start experimenting with drugs and alcohol early in life, problems can sometimes develop quickly and harshly. Lives can be upended and derailed without warning, and those young people can find themselves lost and hopeless before their lives have truly begun. In our Young Adult Program, men ages 18 to 26 can get their lives back track, reawaken lost dreams and rediscover possibilities for their futures that they never thought possible while drinking and using.

Women Only Inpatient Program

Addiction and alcoholism don't discriminate by gender, and women can and do fall prey to the clutches of these illnesses just as much and as often as men do. The healing process, however, can look much different for female patients, which is why we've created a unique Women's Only Program that takes their needs into account. It's a sisterhood of support and a sorority of empowerment, so that they can work on getting better among a group of other women seeking the same thing.

After residential inpatient treatment is complete, your BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina plan may cover additional therapy. Even if it doesn't you may not be ready to return to Greenville. Fortunately, Cornerstone of Recovery offers Intensive Outpatient treatment, a program that's an extension of the residential safety net that allows patients to continue their therapeutic work while remaining part of our sober living community. From volunteer to employment opportunities, we'll help you ease back into the "real world," so that when it is time for you to go back to Greenville, you'll return there as a responsible, productive and confident member of society who's found a new way of life on the other side of alcoholism and addiction.

Common Addictions We Provide Treatment For

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Alcoholism Treatment

Beer , Booze , Liquor , Wine

Cocaine & Crack

Coke , Flake , Snow , Blow , White , Toot , Base , Powder , Dust , Baseball , Bump , Snow , Stash


Smack , H , Tar , Dope , Junk , Chiva , Brown Sugar, China White , He , Black Tar, Snow , Mexican Brown


Ativan , Dalmane , Doral , Klonopin , Librium, Valium , Prosom , Restoril , Serax,  Tranxene , Versed ,  Xanax


Codeine , Fentanyl , Hydrocodone , Methadone , Morphine , Oxycodone , Acetaminophen , Vicodin , OxyContin , Percocet , Roxicet


Bennies , Black Beauties , Crank , Ice , Speed , Uppers


MDMA , Molly, X , Adam , Beans , Candy , Love Drug , Scooby Snacks , Vitamin X


Acid , Blotter , Boomers , Cid , Doses , Dots , Golden Dragon , Loony Toons , Tabs

THC & Marijuana

Dabbing , Shatter , Oil , Edibles and other High Potency THC Concentrates

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