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Alcohol & Drug Rehab That Accepts Humana Health Insurance Near Asheville NC

asheville alcohol drug rehab that accepts humanaWith a longstanding relationship between them, Humana and Cornerstone of Recovery offer the best chance for Asheville residents struggling with a drug and alcohol problem to change their lives.

Located near Knoxville, Tennessee — just on the other side of the Great Smoky Mountains for those who live in Asheville with a Humana insurance plan — Cornerstone has been in the drug and alcohol treatment business for more than 30 years. We first opened our doors in the fall of 1989, and what began as a small operation with 18 beds has grown into a 172 bed treatment campus on 25 acres, where we moved in 2017 to become one of the largest residential treatment providers in Tennessee. Over the last three decades, we've provided a new way to live for thousands of addicts and alcoholics, including many who live in and around the Asheville area, and our national reputation has earned us close working relationships with most major private and commercial insurance providers, including Humana.

Our approach has broadened since we first opened our doors, but our foundation remains the same: abstinence-based treatment rooted in the 12 Steps and augmented by evidence-based therapeutic tools like Schema Therapy, trauma therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and more. We evaluate each patient's needs upon admission and work with them to craft an individualized treatment plan that best meets their needs, but every patient's journey begins with a 3- to 5-day stay in Medical Detox. There, they'll be slowly and safely weaned from drugs and alcohol before they move over to one of our four residential inpatient programs: Newcomers, Recovery Renewal, Young Adult or Women's Only, each of which is its own treatment community of like-minded and supportive peers undergoing the same transformational experience. We include one-on-one counseling, activity therapy that may include time on our on-campus ropes course and fitness therapy in our modern, state-of-the-art fitness center.

But that's not all. If you're in need of dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders like depression or anxiety, our psychiatric team is on standby. If you're wanting to work on mending fences with loved ones, our family therapy program can help. If you're needing a comprehensive and thorough follow-up care plan for after you leave treatment, we'll help you find the resources you need to make that happen, even if it's not with us. We will, in other words, work hard throughout the 28 to 35 days you're in residential inpatient treatment to give you everything you need to return home to Asheville ready and able to live a clean and sober life.

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What Is Involved With The Alcoholism Treatment Programs?

Whatever your expectations for what drug and alcohol treatment will be like at Cornerstone of Recovery, be prepared to leave them at the door along with all of the guilt and shame you feel over having an alcohol and drug problem. At Cornerstone, we see you ... and we can help you ... because we are you. Most of us who work here are in recovery from addiction and alcoholism ourselves, and some of us are former patients of this very organization. We have a keen understanding of what you're going through because we were once in your shoes, and today we use our experience, strength and hope to help show you that for the next 28 to 35 days, your life can change for the better, if you give what we do a chance. No one wakes up overjoyed to be going to drug and alcohol rehab, but if you're in Asheville and have a Humana insurance policy, take comfort in the fact that you've found the best facility out there to help you with a problem, and give us a call.

Newcomers Inpatient Program

The Newcomers Program is just that: An introduction to the recovery process that helps those just come to terms with addiction or alcoholism accept their problems and recover from them. It's not about just putting down alcohol and drugs; it's a look at why those substances became such a problem, why you continued to drink and use in spite of negative consequences, and ways you have face life without having to use substances to anesthetize your pain.

Recovery Renewal Inpatient Program

Recovery, like any living thing, needs sustenance to flourish. For recovery, it's meetings and a daily maintenance of sobriety rituals that help keep you grounded. When you stop doing those things, you run the risk of relapse. And relapse can cause you to feel an immense amount of guilt, if you even survive. Our Recovery Renewal Program helps you return to a state of sustenance, through deeper work on yourself and renewed trust in the process of self-improvement.

Young Adult Inpatient Program

Addiction and alcoholism don't wait until you're in your 40s to raise their ugly heads. They can and do afflict teenagers, many of whom have trouble distinguishing between youthful experimentation and a full-blown problem. Sometimes, they're brought to Cornerstone by their parents, but however they get here, they'll take an unflinching look at how drugs and alcohol are affecting their lives negatively in our Young Adult Program ... and then we'll teach them what they can do about it.

Women Only Inpatient Program

Our Women's Only Program was created three years ago, when we moved to our new campus and separated men and women into individual treatment tracks. In our Women's Program, female clients will find a safe circle of support that empowers them, lifts them up and helps them deal with issues, traumas and problems caused by the use of alcohol and drugs, so they can discover their true selves and leave the program as stronger, more confident women.

Once you complete residential inpatient treatment, know this: Asheville will always be there, so don't be in a mad rush to return home. Yes, you're probably anxious to get your life back, but what if more time at Cornerstone allowed you to better build the life that you want? That's where our Intensive Outpatient Program can help. It's an eight-week extension of the treatment safety net, wherein you reside in our Sober Living community with your peers, attend classes and therapy groups for several hours each day and begin the slow process of reminding yourself what it's like to live and work and take care of yourself in the "real" world without the use of alcohol and drugs. It's another way we try to help those who come to us to use their Humana benefits better prepare themselves for a life in permanent sobriety, and it can be a game-changer.

Common Addictions We Provide Treatment For

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Alcoholism Treatment

Beer , Booze , Liquor , Wine

Cocaine & Crack

Coke , Flake , Snow , Blow , White , Toot , Base , Powder , Dust , Baseball , Bump , Snow , Stash


Smack , H , Tar , Dope , Junk , Chiva , Brown Sugar, China White , He , Black Tar, Snow , Mexican Brown


Ativan , Dalmane , Doral , Klonopin , Librium, Valium , Prosom , Restoril , Serax,  Tranxene , Versed ,  Xanax


Codeine , Fentanyl , Hydrocodone , Methadone , Morphine , Oxycodone , Acetaminophen , Vicodin , OxyContin , Percocet , Roxicet


Bennies , Black Beauties , Crank , Ice , Speed , Uppers


MDMA , Molly, X , Adam , Beans , Candy , Love Drug , Scooby Snacks , Vitamin X


Acid , Blotter , Boomers , Cid , Doses , Dots , Golden Dragon , Loony Toons , Tabs

THC & Marijuana

Dabbing , Shatter , Oil , Edibles and other High Potency THC Concentrates

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