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Alcohol Drug Rehab Takes UnitedHealthcare Atlanta
For more than 30 years, Cornerstone of Recovery has provided comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment for residents of Atlanta who struggle with an alcohol or drug problem. As a nationally respected addiction and alcoholism treatment provider, we take patients from across the Southeast, including many from Atlanta, and because we're in network with UnitedHealthcare, individuals who have private or commercial UHC insurance will find a full continuum of care at Cornerstone that's covered by their health insurance policy.

Located three hours north of Atlanta near Knoxville, Tennessee, Cornerstone of Recovery is the one of the largest residential treatment providers in Tennessee, with four distinct programs to meet the needs of everyone seeking help from a drug and alcohol rehab. We provide safe, comfortable, medically supervised detox from all alcohol and drugs, after which patients will transition to one of our four treatment tracks: Newcomers, for those seeking help for the first time; Recovery Renewal, for individuals who have been to a drug and alcohol treatment center in the past but who may have relapsed or been unable to maintain permanent sobriety; Young Adult, a more robust treatment track for men ages 18 to 26; and our unique Women's Only Program, which provides female clients with a safe sisterhood in which to process traumas and experiences unique to them.

As part of these programs, patients receive one-on-one counseling, experiential therapy, educational lectures, peer support and a host of possible psycho-therapeutic offerings like Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy, trauma therapy and much, much more. We involve loved ones through our comprehensive family therapy program; we provide dual diagnosis treatment for individuals who suffer from co-occurring mental health disorders like anxiety or depression; we promote physical exercise in our on-campus, state-of-the-art fitness center; and we make every effort to provide all clients with a safe, comfortable environment at our four-facility campus, located on 25 acres just outside of Knoxville where we moved in 2017.

At Cornerstone of Recovery, we believe in a whole-person approach to addiction and alcoholism treatment — meaning that the body, mind, emotions and spirit must be nurtured in order for long-term sobriety to be sustained. While those who live in or near Atlanta with a United Healthcare insurance plan can find treatment closer to home, they won't find a better facility than Cornerstone, and an opportunity to get out of Atlanta to heal may be exactly what those whose lives have been devastated by alcohol and drugs truly need in order to get better.

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What Is Involved With The Alcoholism Treatment Programs?

It's impossible to describe what drug and alcohol treatment at Cornerstone of Recovery will be like for Atlanta residents seeking to put their UnitedHealthcare insurance policy to use, because every patient receives an individualized treatment plan that starts from the moment they call our caring and compassionate Admissions staff. We'll help you navigate the complexities of your UHC plan and ensure that United Healthcare provides you with the maximum amount of benefits in order to receive the help you need, and we'll help you arrange an arrival time so that you can come to us from Atlanta in order to get better. At Cornerstone, you'll find a caring community of peers seeking the same thing you are — a way out of the devastation of alcohol and drugs, and a future that involves returning to Atlanta as a responsible, productive member of society, without the need to return to the substances that have caused so much damage in your life.

Newcomers Inpatient Program

Our Newcomers Program is exactly that — a treatment track for individuals who have never been to rehab before and who may, until their immersion in our program, equate addiction and alcoholism with weakness or failure. Through a combination of therapy and education, this 28- to 35-day program will help those individuals understand that addiction and alcoholism are diseases, and that those who suffer aren't "bad": They're sick, but we can help them get better.

Recovery Renewal Inpatient Program

Sometimes, drug and alcohol treatment isn't a one-time-only affair. Perhaps there are unaddressed issues that linger; maybe the suggestions for follow-up care aren't adhered to. Whatever the reason, individuals sometimes falter and relapse — but our Recovery Renewal Program, typically lasting 28 to 35 days, will help them get back on track, address the things that may be been overlooked in previous treatment attempts and return home stronger than ever before.

Young Adult Inpatient Program

As younger patients, 18- to 26-year-olds often find it difficult to relate to their older peers. As a result, we've designed a unique treatment track in our Young Adult Program, which is a peer support group for young men who need more active treatment that addresses the needs of restless bodies and active minds. In addition, we include some vocational therapy, so that they begin to see the possibilities of a life and a future unencumbered by alcohol and drugs.

Women Only Inpatient Program

Females who travel the dark roads of addiction and alcoholism find themselves in the same places as men — jails, institutions, dereliction, degradation and desperation — but the paths they take to get there are often fraught with unique traumas, challenges, issues and problems. Our Women's Only Program allows those female clients to come together as a group of women who empower one another, teach one another, learn from one another and recover together.

After all patients complete residential inpatient treatment, we provide them with a number of options to continue their recovery journey here at Cornerstone before they return home to Atlanta. We offer Intensive Outpatient treatment, in which our therapeutic groups meet for three hours a day, four days a week; and an opportunity to live in our Sober Living community, which gradually introduces the freedoms of home while giving them a supportive environment to which they return daily. We'll help set up aftercare appointments and therapy in the Atlanta area, and we'll help them make any sort of financial arrangements that their UnitedHealthcare plan might require in order to complete their deductible requirements. At Cornerstone, our goal is so much more than just helping you put down alcohol and drugs, and that's why we're so much more than just another drug and alcohol rehab.

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Alcoholism Treatment

Beer , Booze , Liquor , Wine

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Coke , Flake , Snow , Blow , White , Toot , Base , Powder , Dust , Baseball , Bump , Snow , Stash


Smack , H , Tar , Dope , Junk , Chiva , Brown Sugar, China White , He , Black Tar, Snow , Mexican Brown


Ativan , Dalmane , Doral , Klonopin , Librium, Valium , Prosom , Restoril , Serax,  Tranxene , Versed ,  Xanax


Codeine , Fentanyl , Hydrocodone , Methadone , Morphine , Oxycodone , Acetaminophen , Vicodin , OxyContin , Percocet , Roxicet


Bennies , Black Beauties , Crank , Ice , Speed , Uppers


MDMA , Molly, X , Adam , Beans , Candy , Love Drug , Scooby Snacks , Vitamin X


Acid , Blotter , Boomers , Cid , Doses , Dots , Golden Dragon , Loony Toons , Tabs

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Dabbing , Shatter , Oil , Edibles and other High Potency THC Concentrates

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