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Addiction Treatment & Recovery Blog

Cornerstone of Recovery is an addiction treatment center located in Knoxville Tennessee. We have helped thousands of patients begin their journey down the road to recovery. Please enjoy our blog and we hope that if you or someone you know is suffereing from addiction that you are able to get the help you or they need. 

Recent Posts

MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: Remembering the ‘People Who Died’ and their impacts on us

By Steve Wildsmith | Jul 12, 2019

Eddie was a good old boy raised in the hinterlands of Warren County, a Southern gentlemen who used “ma’am” and “sir” without a second thought but who could crawl the foothills of the Cumberland Mountains with a nose for ginseng as good as anyone I ever met. He was the press foreman at the tri-weekly…

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Ten excuses for not going to drug or alcohol rehab and why they’re weak

By Steve Wildsmith | Jul 11, 2019

They won’t leave you alone, will they? Ever since family members have discovered that you use drugs, they keep bringing up that word: Rehab. “You need to go to rehab,” dad says. “Have you thought about one of those drug rehab places?” grandma suggests. Even your friends may become part of the chorus: “Maybe you…

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MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: The simple power of a hug can be a balm for the soul

By Steve Wildsmith | Jul 5, 2019

If you’ve attended a certain 12 Step fellowship that starts with an N and ends with “arcotics Anonymous,” then you’ve no doubt received a fair amount of hugs. When I first arrived in those rooms, it was a strange feeling to be pulled into the arms of a stranger and embraced. Most of us, I…

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freedom from addiction

In honor of July Fourth, here are 10 quotes about ‘freedom’ from the literature of recovery

By Steve Wildsmith | Jul 3, 2019

Happy birthday, America! On this July Fourth, as we celebrate our nation’s independence, a great many individuals will be commemorating freedom. Those of us in recovery know a little bit about freedom — we are, after all, free from the bondage of addiction and alcoholism that once kept us enslaved and miserable. The freedom from…

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10 reasons to go to drug rehab

10 Reasons To Go To Drug Rehab

By Steve Wildsmith | Jul 2, 2019

Let’s be frank: No one wakes up and thinks it’s a good day to go to drug rehab. The reluctance of going to rehab was even memorialized in a song: “Rehab,” by the late R&B singer Amy Winehouse, who crooned, “They tried to make me go to rehab, I said ‘no, no, no …” Just…

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MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: Putting those ‘Cadillac problems’ into perspective

By Steve Wildsmith | Jun 21, 2019

Every so often, I have to call an audible and make time for a perspective check. When I was in my active addiction, life, to put it bluntly, sucked on any day ending in a “Y.” I was miserable every waking moment, because I knew my day would consist of the never-ending cycle of getting,…

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MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: Extending some kindness to other creatures is its own reward

By Steve Wildsmith | Jun 14, 2019

Although I enjoy a good gore-splattered horror film from time to time, I’m very grateful I didn’t chew up a warren of baby bunnies with my tiller the other day. The backyard garden has been in the ground since late April, and getting out there in the evenings, as the fading sun paints the Western…

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MOTIVATIONAL MUSINGS: ‘What you once were isn’t what you want to be anymore’

By Steve Wildsmith | Jun 7, 2019

My wife and I went out on a rare midweek date this week to see a band that’s intricately tied to my addiction and recovery story. For those of you with no background, Wilco developed out of the breakup of the seminal alt-country band Uncle Tupelo, one of the groups that gets a lot of…

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Nan LaVecchia named new Aviation Program Director for Cornerstone of Recovery

By Steve Wildsmith | Jun 6, 2019

After five years, Ann “Nan” LaVecchia has now earned her wings. For the past five years, LaVecchia has served as Aviation Program coordinator at Cornerstone of Recovery, as well as a coordinator for several of the drug and alcohol treatment center’s program tracks. LaVecchia was recently named Aviation Program Director. Given her credentials — she’s…

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